How to Improve Traffic Sources at Levelnaut

Currently we are working oevr improving the Traffic Sources category at Levelnaut website. We are thinking a lot over this question as it is a key one in successful business development.

First of all, we should more clearly form these three sub-categories: affiliate marketing tools, promo tools, traffic sources. The matter is many websites which provide traffic also specialize in other services.

So, we will select to the category promo tools ALL platforms, which LEENjoy project participants use most actively. Then we will separate and better specify affiliate marketing tools and traffic sources categories.

We will also add a category called “Free or Small Budget Traffic sources” for beginners. Because many people don’t have any budget even for getting the core audience for their blogs and websites.

And now the most important part of improving including one more perk, which wiil be added to the common list of LEEnjoy Perks today.

So, how we will improve the Traffic Sources category? Of course, by means of efforts of all LEEnjoy community members. The main tools in this case will be polls and personal traffic sources lists. It means that any LEEnjoy project participant can represent his own list of Affiliate Marketing Tools, Promo Tools, Traffic Sources and Free or Small Budget Traffic Sources List with the link/reference to his personal page at Levelnaut website. No matter which page it will be LEEnjoy Team, Teachers Earn and Get Profit, Meet Learners Online, LEEnjoy Project Coordinators, Tribute catalogue,LEENjoy Subscribers Book or even to his own side page.

If you have any questions about LEEnjoy project, you can find the answers here LEEnjoy FAQ

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