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Mike Batey

Checking information about account of Mike Batey in Search, we have found some interesting information about this person on Gravatar and Facebook. He lives in North Wales, UK and describes himself this way:

“…Blogger/Marketer/Business Owner/Entrepreneur/Living Your Best Life http://www.mikebateyonline.com/ Don’t forget to click on my profile for more info on how to move yourself forward, build on your passion, and start to Live Your Best Life!”

A few more words about him as a Marketer, as the main topics of Levelnaut website is Online Education, Health and Affiliate Marketing.

This is, what he writes on Facebook:
“…The fastest way ever to get sales from warm traffic without spending time building know like and trust!
We all know we have to build our audience, become an authority almost, so we build that know, like and trust with people so that they get value from us and in the end buy things we recommend or build…
This approach flat out works over and over again (it is basically how I have built my business) but it takes forever!
I have people right now that only just start buying from me after months of following my content – sometimes it takes years (trust me I have looked at the stats as most of you that follow me will know!)

What if there was a way to hack this?
A way to do it in mere minutes instead of month or even years?!?!?
Well, there is 🙂

And we are doing a second live about this unique method for you to discover how to instantly build that know like and trust, credibility and much more!
So much so you can start making sales in minutes with this method!
If you want to know how to build an instant warm audience that BUYS, then don’t miss this.
Join us for the live training again tomorrow, Friday, June 3rd at 3PM UK time / 10am EST to find out how anyone can use this awesome technique for pretty much endless warm buyer’s traffic!
Comment below to get the live link and secure your spot. 🙂,

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