Justina Benevičiūtė

Justina Benevičiūtė


Justina Benevičiūtė

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As we have learnt browsing her Facebook page, Justina Benevičiūtė lives in Brastad (Sweden). It is a very interesting place to spend vacation, to go sea kayaking and canoeing and to keep your shape and health in a good condition.

A few more words about Sea-Kayaking and Spoart as the main topics of Levelnaut website are Online Education, Affiliate Marketing and Health and Sport too.

“…Welcome to the best area for sea kayaking in Sweden! We’ll guide you on eco- friendly sea kayaking trips along the breathtaking and rocky coast of the northwest of Sweden. We also offer sea kayaking courses no matter what level of experience you may have in the past. At our kayak center we provide rental service and offer top…”

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