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“…9 Health Benefits of Massages

Relieve Aches and Pains
Probably the most common use of massages is to alleviate the feelings of aches and pains that can come with injuries, illnesses, or only getting older. Massage can help relax tense muscles or nerves, which may be either causing the pain or at least stopping the root cause from healing correctly. Regular therapeutic massage is an incredibly useful tool against pain relief for muscular injuries, joint pain, or nerve damage.

Increase Tissue Growth and Regeneration
Many people have scars or stretch marks on their body for a massive number of different reasons. Massages in the affected areas can help to stimulate the local tissue regeneration process and therefore work to reduce the appearance of these marks.

Alleviation for Anxiety or Depression
Human contact is an essential part of life. For many people, mental disorders such as anxiety and depression can be caused by a lack of meaningful social interaction. Getting a regular massage will give some of this contact to you and, in many cases, can really help someone who is feeling uptight or depressed.

Helps You Sleep
Many things that relax you can help you sleep: such as meditation. However, the effects of massage can be much more effective as they can help you truly relax. In addition to this, it will relax your physical muscles, making them feel the need for rest and making you feel far more inclined to go and have a beautiful, long sleep.

Reduce Headaches
Most people will get headaches a lot, and massages can be a great way to stop them from becoming such a regular inconvenience. Not just a head massage but a whole body one can hugely help alleviate both the symptoms of a headache but also, in the long run, decrease the number of problems you actually develop.

Helps with Bad Posture
As the world becomes more computerized more people are beginning to work in offices, and when someone works in an office for a long time, simply sat at a chair, their lower back and glutes can become weak and cause them problems. Bad posture and chronic lower back pain can stem from this issue, and massage is a great way to combat this.

Lying down and having some of the built-up tension removed from the area will hugely assist the recovery of the muscles in the area, which will strengthen them in the long run, leaving you with a more energetic lower body and a much better posture.

Relieve Asthma Symptoms
Asthma can be a very harmful disorder, and massage won’t cure it, but it can do a brilliant job of toning down some of the symptoms to make them more bearable. Massages can increase the blood flow to the lungs and help asthma sufferers breathe a lot easier by increasing their pulmonary functionality and, therefore, losing the grip that asthma may have on their lives.

Improve Your Immune System
Your immune system is vital to the functionality of your body, and getting regular massages can hugely help its functionality and increase your overall health. Studies have linked the occurrence of regular massage therapy with an increase in the white blood cells in a person’s blood, which is the central part of the immune system that fights off infection and disease. This is a very efficient way to keep yourself in better health as improving the quality of your immune system is key to living a healthy and happy life.

Boost up Your Brainpower
Studies have shown through testing subjects who received a massage versus those who haven’t and discovered that those who had been massaged had answered the questions far quicker and more accurately. This could also be an incredibly powerful benefit of regular massage, which could help you in almost every aspect of your life…”

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