LEEnjoy Records Book

Today, we want to represent you, dear LEEnjoy participants, supporters, followers and subscribers, the last catalogue, that we had planned to implement in 2023.

It is the last, but not the least, of course. Moreover, we think it will be one of the most interesting places at Levelnaut website.

Sure, all of you perfectly well know about Guinness Record Book. We even read from time-to-time new publications and share some media news about this book. But…

You know what? There are absolutely no records referring to the sphere of Online Education and Affiliate Marketing.

That was the reason to create our own LEENJOY RECORDS BOOK, where information will be placed according to the categories and spheres close to our business.

As you understand, the main categories of this catalogue will be divided into three big parts:


Each category will have many sub-categories and will look this way:

ONLINE EDUCATION – courses completion, courses creation, money invested to self-education, number of platforms with completed course, uncategorized and so on. Anyone LEEnjoy participant can offer his own new sub-category.

HEALTHY LIFESTYLE – number of projects you had taken part in, results а any healthy lifestyle activity, your own picture “before and after” with periods mentioned, uncategorized and so on.

AFFILIATE MARKETING – best checks with proofs, networking activity with number of media you deal with, number of leads, number of promo tools and traffic sources you use, budgets, uncategorized and so on.

Information will be regularly published the same as we do weekly (or monthly at the beginning stage) in posts named “LEEnjoy Record Book, January 2023” (or any other data).

All people names, who hold the current record will be written down in the same line of the sub-category. For example:
Number of courses completed with certificate – 25 courses – John Doe. The words “25 courses” will be linked to the information about it and the name of the records man, will be linked to LEEnjoy Records Men. And in this catalogue his name will be linked to any of his page on internet.

Anyone can inform about his record and propose the new category via contact form of Levelnaut website. Then we will contact you personally and you will send us proofs (mentioning which of them could be published).

This information can be updated.

If you have any questions about LEEnjoy project, you can find the answers here LEEnjoy FAQ

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