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Alfred Ojiba

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As we have learnt browsing this page, Alfred Ojiba lives in Onitsha (Nigeria) and he finished National Grammar School Nike Enugu.

A few more words about National Grammar School Nike as the main topics of Levelnaut website are Online Education, Health and Affiliate Marketing.

“…National Grammar School Nike Celebrates

As part of the occasion of 60th anniversary of National Grammar School Nike in Enugu, the inaugural convention of the old boys association of the school, will be honoring the first graduate of the school, Chief Uche Ikedilo, a retired veteran broadcaster and author who graduated in 1962.

The school which was founded in 1958 by late Reuben Udokwu produced the likes of former Eagles and Rangers players Christian Chukwu, Ike Ofoje, Jay Jay Okocha, Kenneth Zeigbo, Benedict Ugwu, Arthur Ebunam and Ibezim Ofoedu to mention but a few.

According to the chairman of the convention committee; Dan Ikpechukwu, this gathering will enable all former students of this great secondary institution; the opportunity of initiating ways and means of assisting the school to improve dilapidated infrastructures.

The Atlanta gathering of alumni members of NAGRAM promises to yield fruit of brotherhood of old students poised to alleviate the suffering of current students of the school by improving on some of the existing structures and providing new ones.

As Ikpechukwu noted, “this gathering is; aimed at first and foremost the reconnection of old students of our great school; and to mobilize ourselves to salvage the battered image of our alma mater which has; suffered from terrible neglect by various governments.”

He further stated that one of the most important things facing the alumni is to ensure that current and future students of NAGRAM enjoy a conducive secondary school learning environment with good classrooms, dormitories, laboratories and other social amenities like football field and tennis courts.

National Grammar School Nike Enugu amongst other secondary schools in Enugu; stands out as one of the oldest private institutions in the South East prior to being; handed over to the government. Mr. Ikpechukwu appealed to the Enugu State government to assist the alumni; in bringing back the school to its good old glory through improved infrastructure.

In attendance to the Alanta NAGRAM convention include His Royal Highness; King Dandeson Douglas Jaja of Opobo who graduated from NAGRAM in 1965 and Dr. Chionuma Onyemuwa of the class of 1964…”

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