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“…Etien Company

Our company, which started its activities with the production of Electricity Distribution Panels in 2013, continues by expanding its production range in its factory in a 6000 m2 closed area in Kocaeli Kartepe.

ETİEN Energy, which constantly renews and develops itself with its experienced staff, has adopted the principle of customer satisfaction with its high quality and service understanding.

Our company, which stands out with its commitment to its principles and aims at the full satisfaction of its customers; offers quality products in accordance with the needs of our customers in the most economical terms; establishes long-term relationships based on mutual trust.

ETİEN Energy is one of the most important companies in the panel sector in our country with its advanced technology systems and facilities with wide machinery. At the same time, it has strengthened its experience by producing high pressure sodium vapor armatures.

In 2021, ETİEN Energy completed the naming rights transfer of LMS Pano and contributed to its success and experience by undertaking an important responsibility in the production of sheet metal panels for the needs of the sector.

In the light of all these studies, a strong research team; has started design work for NH Knife Fuse and Vertical Fuse Disconnector. As a result of testing and R&D studies, it added switchgear products to its product range. Certified in laboratories with international accreditation, ETİEN Energy Vertical Fuse Disconnectors and New Generation Thermoset Body NH Knife Fuse Plugs have been put into the service of the industry.

ETİEN Energy will continue to share its leadership and justified pride in the sector with its solution partners, with its stable, reliable, principled and honest trade…”

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