News, Playlists and Sharing Buttons

Probably, you have already noticed some changes at Levelnaut website. Now we will inform all LEENjoy project participants and supporters about all of them.


As you know, we have a lot of constant or regularly published categories of news. They are: LEEnjoy news, CPA networks news, Brands news, Coupons, Health Club news, Online Education news,
AffiCaffee, TOPs and some others. Usually we published them on Saturdays, or once a week. Since now we will publish any news in these categories as soon as there is enough information to be published.


It is a part of the LEEnjoy Health Club project, as you know for sure, that good and positive music sometimes can help much better than medicine. Since now we will publish the links to any LEEnjoy participant personal playlists on s special page referring to LEEnjoy Health Club.

We don’t intend to make our own radio, but we think that such lists can help not only with health, but with work as well.

How the playlists will be added? There is absolutely no problem with that, the procedure is very easy. You can write your name, main genres of your playlist (up to 3, no more) and leave the list at any comment to any post at Levelnaut or send it via contact form.

For example: “John Doe (pop, hard rock, trance) and the link to any to this list at any social network which have an option of creating playlists.

If you care about your business and affiliate marketing especially, so we recommend you place all the necessary information, which is possible to add to your playlist page. This option will be added to the list of LEEnjoy Perks

As you noticed, we have added a lot of sharing buttons to Levelnaut website. It is not the final variant, as we are hardly working over LEEnjoy and Levelnaut Resolutions for 2023 Year. The possible variant of all added buttons can look this way (to the current moment).


We pay much attention to networking and to expanding our presence in social media and soon the list of LEEnjoy groups and chats will be significantly increased.
Check, please, all the variants, which we have already added and use all of them (at least to promote your personal pages at our catalogues).

If you have any questions about LEEnjoy project, you can find the answers here LEEnjoy FAQ

We highly recommend you follow this website in order, not to miss some very interesting and important information. More useful information you can find here Levelnaut

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