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As we have learnt browsing this page, Berry Well is interested in many topics including Fitness, Aerobics and Working Out. one of his likes was also put to

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One of Berry Well’s likes (beside LEEnjoy) was also put to the page of Yogea Yoga.

Yogea was not initiated by a guru. It was not sparked by satori in an ashram. And it is not the next hybrid staple of the commoditized yoga establishment. Yogea is a globetrotter at heart, and a wisdom explorer – very much like myself. It has been shaping into an innovative art of yoga over the last 25 years. It has grown with me, as I evolved in my own practice.

Believe it or not, I started as a shy, inflexible graduate from College in Sofia, Bulgaria. Fell in love with yoga from first try. Turned into a yoga zealot. Did everything by the classical book for a good 10 years. Pushed myself beyond the edge – to get physically injured, emotionally depleted and mentally stuck. Then ventured into all sorts of therapies and healing modalities – to finally find the cure inside. I fine-tuned my yoga practice in the recovery process – intuitively guided into a more organic and innovative way of crafting the asana flow.

Meanwhile, the explorer in me spoke. I was pulling the threads of the world yoga tapestry. Traveled across China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia to practice Martial arts, temple dance, energy healing, then toured ashrams in Switzerland and Western Europe to witness yogic rituals and tap into transcendental meditation – to finally land in New York, and get officially certified as a yoga teacher. TADA…It was here where Yogea bloomed. I started to teach group classes, workshops, teacher training programs, and together with my partners in crime Ana Atanassova and Kalin Ivanov, launched Yogea Yoga – the most innovative Yoga channel on YouTube. Other transformational journeys followed – through South America with the Pacha Mama shamans, across India and the home of Yogananda, to the dessert Sufis of Tunisia, and the Nubian healers in Egypt. Each trip I wove the colorful strings of the ancient practice into its modern offspring. Each time I bowed “Namaste” to the local yoga I had encountered…”

Yogea means Jai Yoga…. Long Live Yoga… Thank you Yoga!

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