LEENJOY Team Puzzler, PickAndProfit, 17.01.2023

Today, I will start creating LEEnjoy Puzzles in order to give you an example of how it works and which text you should write at the beginning.

So, the initial text wiil be the same everywhere, but puzzles themselves will be different.

Example of the text:

“My name is _______ (link to your personal page link1), I want to create my Solo (or Team) Puzzle. This Puzzle is about (your referral link to the investigated website link1.
Puzzle 1. “……” (quotation from any website link2), plus your own Comment.
(If it is a Team Puzzle, you can write here – “Anyone can add one puzzle piece (in comments to this article), but mentioning your website and the source of information. If it is a Solo Puzzle, nothing should be added)
My Final Conclusion (when the puzzle to your mind is ready) As soon as your Puzzle is ready it will be added to the ”

And, now let’s look at my puzzle initial text and puzzle pieces in my case.

“My name is Boris Siomin, I want to create my Team Puzzle. This Puzzle is about PickAndProfit website. Anyone can add one puzzle piece (in comments to this article), but mentioning your website and the source of information.

MY PUZZLE PickAndProfit

Choose one of our affordable Web Hosting Packages for us to start creating your 1-Page Website.

FAQ. Why do I need to pay for a web host? Isn’t my website free? Yes, you will get your website and all other offers free of charge, but in order to display your website on the internet, you need a web hosting provider, and that unfortunately is not free. Even when you pay someone to design your website you still need to pay a subscription for your web host to keep your website online.” Source of information

My comment: Thay say that creation of your website is free, and the page is called “Get Free Website”, but immediately offer to buy 1,2,3 year packages. A little bit strange, isn’t it?

Domain Included*
FREE (Save $15)
Your web design package includes a free .com or .net or .org domain.
1-Page Website
FREE (Save $1,000+)
A beautiful website for your services and/or products.
SSL Certificate
FREE (Save $50+/Year)
Free SSL included for life to keep your website secure.
Affiliate Capture Pages
FREE (Save $250+)
Personalized Capture Pages & Optin Forms to get you leads.
FREE (Up to1000 Subscribers)
Send unlimited emails/newsletters to your subscribers.
1 Business Email
A business email account from your subdomain/domain.

My comment: Again, the same. Free Web design, but everything has it’s price. I will continue adding puzzles, as I have paid 1 year subscription and want to understand better how this PickAndProfit works.

If you have any questions about LEEnjoy project, you can find the answers here LEEnjoy FAQ

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