Murat Çetinkaya

Murat Çetinkaya


Murat Çetinkaya

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As we have learnt browsing this page, we learnt that Murat Çetinkaya lives in Eskişehir, Turkey and works as a Repair Mold specialist at Altunorak factory. Altunorak Kalip Makine company cares much about “…Quality, Environment and Occupational Health…”

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“…Quality Policy

• It is the policy of our company to meet our customers’ needs in the best possible way through following the technological developments and working with advanced production methods
• To ensure a world-standard production by performing error free work in the possible fastest way and accordingly create customer satisfaction and loyalty,
• To improve working environment of our personnel who are qualified and specialist in their fields and provide continuous training to all in-house personnel and to provide resources for them in order to enable and help them to carry out and perform their tasks and duties better.
• To comply with all applicable laws, regulations and other requirements in Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety issues and to achieve and maintain a continuous improvement with this issue
• To understand social dimensions of environmental issues and make a proper and appropriate assessment and analyze of risks associated with Environmental issues and Occupational Health and Safety, take appropriate measures to prevent such risks by finding out their reasons
• To build up good relations with our suppliers and work with them by sharing that they have a great contribution in development and improvement of our quality conception.

We are devoted and committed to allow the ALTUNORAK to improve by each day and expand our targets by virtue of our “WE ARE A GOOD AND COMMITTED TEAM” principle…”

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