CPA networks news review, 19.01.2023

Let’s review some CPA networks news, which we have got at LEENjoy during the last week.

FlexOffers: “…7 Brilliant New Year Business & Education Savings
With the New Year officially here, now is the time for business owners and entrepreneurs to start focusing on how to grow their business and skillset. To make things easier for you and your audience, FlexOffers has partnered with top business and education brands to showcase savings that are truly brilliant. Browse offers from brands like Intuit, Codecademy, ShippingEasy, and more to find exactly what your audience needs to save the most while expanding their opportunities for success. Promote any of these programs today to share exclusive opportunities with your audience and earn competitive commissions on sales….”

FlexOffers: “…We all know that health care is a basic necessity and when it comes down to health standards, statutory care and emergency treatment; details vary from country to country, and there are major differences in waiting times, cost, quality and accessibility for expats.
Cigna Global is one of the world’s largest health insurance providers, with more than 180 million customer relationships globally. They specialise in international health insurance for expats and globally mobile individuals.
Promote now and earn an 8 GBP commission…”

MoreNiche: “…Here at MoreNiche, we want you to earn as much as possible.
So I wanted to explain why you could be missing out on big $$$ if your not promoting Testonine.

The testosterone niche is massive and it continues to grow. Not only that but Jan/Feb/March tend to be VERY good for this niche. (More people, even myself are going on a fitness kick!)

Now how can you be earning more money with Testonine?
We have a lot of experience in the Testosterone niche, which is why we have several boosters on the network.

Testogen is our top booster (In fact I’d say it’s the best on the market, but I’m biased).

We’ve continued to run split tests and add new landing pages to help it convert even better for you and your traffic.

But how about adding another booster to your website? If you have a Best XYZ page you could even have Testogen at #1 and Testonine at #2.

This means that not only will more commissions go to the same network, so you’re not spreading your commissions across multiple places. (So you’ll hit your payout quicker)


But thanks to our hub technology, if someone clicks on one of our products and purchases another, you’ll still get the commissions! – I know it’s pretty sweet, am I right?

(Don’t forget we also have a test booster called SBULK on BrutalForce as well)

If you have a testosterone website, why not add a review of Testonine to it?

And, if you have a fitness site but not promoting testosterone boosters…

The first question would be why not?!
Test boosters fit perfectly with fitness websites and male enhancement/health websites.

To help you with content, I’ve done some pretty detailed keyword research. This should give you some ideas of content you can write based around Testosterone.

Helping you to build relevance for this topic on your website, which will help with rankings overall. Martyn

MoreNiche Team…”

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