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Checking information about account of Fabiana Costa in Search, we have found some interesting information about this person on Instagram and on Facebook. She is a Fashion Model and lives in Diadema, SP, Brazil.

A few more words about education in Diadema and especially about English teaching there, as the main topics of Levelnaut website is Online Education, Health and Affiliate Marketing.

“…Wizard language School

There are many schools in São Paulo that teach English as a foreign language… and in today’s globalized economy, having a solid grasp of the English language can open up a world of opportunities.

I’ve visited many English-teaching schools. Some are downright horrible. Others utilize sound teaching techniques, but care far more about your money than they do about your success in the language.

Wizard is different.

They’re different because they legitimately CARE about their students and they constantly strive to help their students excel in the English language. The director and the teachers at Wizard truly enjoy seeing students succeed in learning English and they bask in the joy their students feel as they gradually master the language.

The director of this particular Wizard branch on Rua João Pessoa, 498 is a man named Wagner. This is a man who truly cares about the success and happiness of the students in his school. He takes the time to learn everybody’s names, meet with them if they ever have issues to discuss, and in a world of unscrupulous authority figures, Wagner stands out from the crowd as a genuinely fair, good, and honest man.

What sets Wagner apart from the others, however, is the fact that he also treats his teachers very well; something that I’m sad to report that very few schools do. He doesn’t see his teachers as expendable employees, rather he VALUES his teachers, respects them, holds them in high regard, organizes regular meetings with them to make sure all is well, and his door is always open for them… as well as for the students… anytime they need to talk. That’s what separates him from the pack and qualities like those are what keep students coming back again and again and again.

For the students to achieve their very best, Wagner sees to it that he hires excellent, thoughtful, caring, and inspiring teachers. Every teacher I’ve met at Wizard genuinely loves teaching English and they care a great deal for their students. Every teacher comes to each and every class fully-prepared to teach a great lesson… and every lesson is carefully crafted in the Wizard way to ensure that students get the maximum amount of speaking time possible.

To read and write in English is certainly significant, but speaking the language… and speaking it well… is of paramount importance and Wizard clearly understands this. But Wizard is not content to become complacent in its teaching methodologies. They reinvest their money in an effort to constantly improve the quality of the lessons and to ensure they’re giving each student the most effective means to learn the language, using updated books, study guides, and technological marvels like their patented WizPens which act as surrogate readers for students to emulate.

The standing rule in the school is “English-only” and this rule goes for teachers as well, ensuring that there are always opportunities to use the English you learn in real-life social interactions.

Best of all, Wizard has teachers that are equipped to meet everybody’s needs, whether they’re trying to teach children, teens, businessmen, or even semi-retired mothers. They help you find your motivation and zeal for the language and they cultivate your enthusiasm. They recognize those students who are excelling to further challenge them and they help out those who perhaps aren’t quite catching on as quickly as they’d like.

Rest-assured that when you finish the final course at Wizard, you absolutely WILL be speaking English fluently. I’ve personally seen lessons taught at the highest levels that Wizard has to offer and they’re remarkably in-tune with the authentic, colloquial manner in which Americans ACTUALLY speak. In updating their teaching materials on a fairly regular basis, Wizard is dedicated to keeping up with the changes that this ever-morphing language goes through from year-to-year.

Honestly, if you live in or around São Bernardo do Campo and you seek top-quality instruction in the English language for a fair price with people who genuinely want to see you succeed, then THIS is the school to attend. I’ve seen the rest, but this place is the best. My only regret is that I can’t give this school more than five stars.

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