Brands News and Discounts, 21.01.2023

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Edureka: “…Dear Partner, Hope you are doing well! Thank you for your continuous support for Edureka, we feel very glad to have a business partner like you. Your effort was remarkable in 2022. On the occasion of the 74th Republic Day, we are announcing some exciting and exclusive sale events and offers.
1. Edureka’s Republic Day Sale: Be the master of your career, Enroll today and get a Flat 30% OFF On All Edureka Courses Coupon Code- REPUBLIC30 Discount-30% Link ID- 606
2. Get ready to upgrade your knowledge & Skills with amazing deals. Avail Flat INR 5,000 OFF on all courses. Coupon Code: CELEBRATE74 Discount- Flat Rs. 5,000 Off Link ID- 607 We hope that these offers will keep the momentum going for Jan 23 and will help you to maximize you’re earning through Edureka’s Affiliate program. Pragati Sinha…”

Italki: “…How to teach Young Learners English effectively. Throughout the ages, countless approaches and methods have been implemented, bearing in mind the purpose of teaching a second language. With all of these types of methods and approaches, we know that a recipe for success (in terms of language learning) is to start at a very young age!”

Blockchain Council: “…Many huge tech companies are already leaping into the field of Metaverse, owing to its vast potential to benefit the digital world. Become a Certified Metaverse Expert™ and enter the most in-demand industry.

Metaverse is currently powered by the technologies such as Blockchain, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT) to provide enhanced immersive experiences.

Click here to become a Certified Metaverse Expert™
“Metaverse has been identified as one of the top five emerging trends & technologies for 2022″ – Gartner

Register yourself for Certified Metaverse Expert™ Interactive Live Training and gain an in-depth understanding of the Metaverse technology and its potential use cases and applications.

Certification benefits:
✔ Grasp an in-depth understanding of Metaverse
✔ Have a detailed overview of different use-cases of Metaverse
✔ Have an overview of different types of associated technologies

What’s in it for you?
✔ Blockchain Council Certification
✔ Live training session
✔ Lifetime access to course content
✔ Lifetime certification validity
✔ 24*7 Support for your queries

Save 20% | Use Coupon Code: META20…”

Eastessence: “…irstly, we would like to thank you for your participation in our Affiliate Program. We are here to give you updates regarding our Affiliate Program you can sell the right updates and promote in your site. we look forward and work together. The purpose of this newsletter is to inform you about our New Men’s Wear, New Creative ads & Updated Product Feed. Everything you need to promote this stuff is included below. Start earning good commission from today!
We are updated 1,979 products feed on our Linkconnector site. if you are looking for any specific products to promote on your website, It is the perfect solution. Best Wishes, Abhishek, Affiliate Manager…”

The Linux Foundation: “…PREVIEW: Don’t miss out on New Years savings!
Check out the details below:
STARTING January 24, 2023
Promotion Details
Deal: Save 25% on skillcreds, courses, and certifications & 35% on bootcamps and bundles!
Promo codes will be available on landing page. Begins: 01/24 Ends: 01/31…”

Highline Wellness: “…New Year stress got you feeling down? As you’re jumping in to your new year’s goals, like most individuals, you’re probably feeling the stress and muscle spasms reaching new heights as we get back to our regular routines.
Find relief with the magic of CBD just like these #HighlineHumans…”

Christy Dawn : “…What’s New: Sea Stripes
Description: Meet The Sea Stripe Capsule. Inspired by vintage pajama sets and menswear, with colors that evoke cool blue lakes and nighttime skies, these three pieces are perfect to wear when you just don’t know what to wear…”

Blockchain Council: “…Certified Hyperledger Expert™
We are excited to announce that a new updated version of our certification, Certified Hyperledger Expert™ is live now! The certification covers more than a dozen DLTs, libraries, and tools under the Hyperledger Umbrella.

Hyperledger is the most popular Blockchain platform in the enterprise ecosystem. Companies are utilizing Hyperledger as the backbone to build multiple applications. Hence, the need for Hyperledger expertise is ever-growing in the business world.

The Certified Hyperledger Expert certification will provide you with an in-depth knowledge of Hyperledger frameworks, tools, and libraries for creating enterprise blockchain-based applications along with their features and use-cases (Hyperledger – Fabric, Sawtooth, Indy, Besu, Iroha, Aries, Transact, Ursa, Bevel, Cactus, Caliper, Cello, Firefly, and Grid)

Enroll Now for this certification and take the first step towards building a successful career as a Certified Hyperledger Expert™. Grab your Certification. Hurry!…”

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