Magenet And AddMeFast Newsletters with Good Updates

As you know, we always share useful information about promo tools, traffic sources and other affiliate marketing tools.

Also, we at LEENjoy help to make money and earn crypto all our followers and Levelnaut subscribers.

So, today we want to share the newsletters we got from Magenet and AddMeFast.

Let’s start from Magenet.

Do you believe in the magic formula of creating a webpage that makes money?

Observing competitors over the years, MageNet came up with efficient methods of making your website, and therefore, business successful. What are they?

1. Find a commercial Product, Service or Topic

Find a subject for your page that has commercial value. This may be straightforward if you have a particular product or service to sell. For bloggers, you can do market research or go for a subject you know about and which is relevant to your site.

2. Offer the Right Amount of Choice

It can make a huge difference to conversion rates. People want to have a sense of control when they are contemplating a purchase or signing up for something. Even if you have only one basic service or product, you can produce multiple options. For example, you could include optional extras or offer price deals.

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3. Monetize the Page in a Right Way

If you don’t want to fall into the trap of focusing on monetization at the expense of user experience, MageNet is a way out!

Install a Plugin provided by the system & start monetizing your site by placing contextual ads. What about receiving an extra $50-5,000/month & gaining full control over the ads you’re placing? Magenet is as simple as it can be.

And now, check this information from AddMeFast.

Dear valued user,

over the past 12 months, we have distributed over 10,000,000 $AMF Tokens in total.

The distribution was divided among various sections, with the largest portion allocated to Airdrops (AMF General Wallet) of 7.28 million AMF Tokens, followed by P2P trading (P2P points sell on AddMeFast) of 1.8 million AMF Tokens, Rewards of “100 AMF” in the amount of 841,000 AMF Tokens, Referrals (Affiliate Program) for 278,000 AMF Tokens, and a new section – P2P Tasks for 95,000 AMF Tokens.

This process will be actively continued in 2023 with the possibility of adding new sections.

Therefore, it is important to join the “AddMeFast+AMF” community as soon as possible in order to benefit greatly in the future.

If you are not yet a member of the community, you can find details here – AddMeFast.

If you have any questions about LEEnjoy project, you can find the answers here LEEnjoy FAQ

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