New Cases: How Devyn became a Product Designer

Are you missing for the new cases? We have prepared a special folder, where we at LEENjoy collect the most interesting cases. So, don’t worry we will publish them more often for the reason of motivation.

All these cases were collected in different multi training platforms, but are united with the same idea, that everything is possible in our life: from getting new hobbies and skills to starting a new career in your life.

Today we want to share one case from Coursera online multi training platform.

“…How Devyn became an Accessibility Product Designer

Devyn knew he needed to make a change. For years, he had successfully worked as a visual merchandiser who curated in-store displays and customer experiences. But when the pandemic struck, shoppers no longer flocked to stores and Devyn’s working hours were reduced—along with his income. As a result, he began to seek out a more sustainable career.

When Devyn thought about the type of work he enjoyed most, he realized that design had always been at the core of his interests. He turned to the Google UX Design Professional Certificate to help hone his skills and make him more competitive in the job market.

“Completing the certificate is a big task and should be treated like one,” said Devyn, who finished the program in eight weeks. Yet, he believes his greatest challenge was entering a new industry. “At first I was unsure of where I was skill-wise because the certificate was the only thing I had on my resume. I didn’t feel confident because I thought I was at the bottom of the candidate list.”

Despite these worries, Devyn began interviewing. And that’s when he realized that he had more experience and skills than he gave himself credit for. All the side projects he had done in the past—from helping a friend create a business website to entering a design competition—counted as relevant experience.

The more roles Devyn applied to, the more comfortable he became with promoting his talents and skills. In the end, Devyn successfully overcame his self-doubt and landed a mid-level role as an Accessibility Product Designer at a software company.

If you’re looking to make a career move, here are Devyn’s 3 recommendations for achieving your goals:

Appreciate each step. “Enjoy the journey, not just the destination. Every step you make is an automatic step in a new direction.”

Value the skills you already have. “A big part of design—or any industry—is having soft skills, and those are transferable from most jobs.”

Overcome self-doubt. “Everyone has imposter syndrome at some point, even the people you’re interviewing with. Advocate for yourself and have confidence.”

Just like Devyn did, you can begin laying the foundation for your next career move. If you are interested in building in-demand job skills, consider enrolling in a Google Professional Certificate program.

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