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Michael Gehlert

Checking information about account of Michael Gehlertin Search, we have found some interesting information about this person on LinkedIn.

he describes himself this way: “… Michael Gehlert ↝ Legal advice. Blockchain Sr. Analyst, Lumishare & GPT Ambassador, DAO Business, BExpert, MyLottoCoin, Pi & Legal Issues Crypto-Crime. But why π? Because Digital Justice Without Force Is Powerless. A Force Without Justice Is Tyrannical…”

A few more words about Crypto Affiliate Marketing as the main topics of Levelnaut website is Online Education, Health and Affiliate Marketing.

“…The German Blockchain Award 2021 was designed by BLOCKROCKET to honor the best early-stage jingo blockchain startups in Germany. The competition will feature 30 outstanding blockchain startups for 3 stages: pre-seed, seed, and Series A. To make this competition highly interactive, we will let the audience vote for the top 3 startups in each round, before our jury members evaluate and choose the winner of each stage. Our jury panel consisting of 15 well-respected and highly experienced VCs and angel investors in the blockchain space will challenge startups and provide valuable insights, making this the most competitive and entertaining event of the year.
Blockrocket is an accelerator and investor in early-stage blockchain startups. We are based in Germany, but invest in equity deals globally – with ticket sizes ranging from €[masked]k. Together with our venture capital partner, the Blockchain Founders Group we specialize in pre-product-market fit business models in the blockchain space…”

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