Barbrin van Tonder

Barbrin van Tonder


Barbrin van Tonder

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As we have learnt browsing this page on MarketHive, we found the way Barbrin van Tonder describes herself:
“…Hi, I am Barbrin van Tonder. I am an Internet Marketer from South Africa. Born in 1962. I have been a member of MarketHive since December 2021 and an “Entrepreneur One”.I earn Hive Coins for each simple tasks I do on MarketHive; like commenting on blog posts, newsfeed posts, writing blog posts myself, creating landing pages or capture pages & getting my 960×80 banners approved. Everythig I do on MarketHive earns me Hive Coins…”

A few more words about Barbrin van Tonder’s marketing style, as the main topics of Levelnaut website are Online Education, Health and Affiliate Marketing.

“…I am an Entrepreneur1

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