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There are the following categories in this blog Recently Added Videos, Most Viewed Videos, Top Rated Videos, Trending Videos.

Here is just one small quotation from the article: “… Macro blogging is a quick and reliable way to drive traffic to your website, but it is dominated by the big name: platforms like twitter and instagram. So here are four micro blogging websites that you might not be familiar with, but can still help you reach millions of people and if you want to see how my students are making millions of dollars with my traffic methods, then stay until the end or click.

Fast traffic

The link in the description – okay, the first one i’ve got for you – is called mastodon and you can access that when you go to join, and this is how it works. So if we have a look at all these different communities, these are effectively different niches or industries.

So, for example, if we’re in information technology, we might click on this one, and here we have a whole bunch of relevant communities that we can join, and some of these are fairly large. For example, this one has got over 13 000 people and if you want to target a different language, you can filter by language, so this community might be a good fit for me.

So i’ll click join and go ahead and start interacting. So when you sign up for your chosen community you’ll access a dashboard that looks something like this now, it might vary from community to community, but they will all work in a very similar way.

So here we have late. The latest journal entries. We can drill down into different areas, so, for example, if we want to do lead gen, we can go to group directory or profile directory. So there’s a lot that we can do with mastodon communities, because over here we have this field where we can enter in.

What’S on your mind and notice that we can add links, we can change the privacy setting on here. We can choose the markup, so we can have plain text we can have marked down. We can add polls, we can. Where is it it’s vanished? We find it.

We can add attachments as well and also we can add emojis. So if we want our piece of content to stand out, add those in there. So we might want to put something red that grabs attention and then we could talk about what’s happening in your world.

Next up is post easy, so it’s p, o s, t double e z So this promises you a place to post and share your content without the need to sign up for an account. However, i want to encourage you to sign up for an account, because that way, you can keep track of all your posts, and you can, you can share them more easily and it gives you access to direct messaging.

If you want to have a look at what other people are doing on the platform, there’s a link there or you can go ahead and create a new post. This is so easy. You just add in your title. There add in your content, add your links as well as long as it’s relevant and not spammy.

Of course, i know you won’t do anything like that and then add your tags, so other people can find it and search engines can give that piece of content context. The great thing about this is, you can add images, you can add videos as well.

So let me just do a really quick test post here so test content and then, if we go test on the tag as well, let’s go preview, so we can see roughly what it’s going to look like if you’re happy with that go ahead….”

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