Get Ultimate Guide to Tech Certifications

Many people are thinking over their 2023 resolutions now. Frankly, we at LEENjoy do the same and almost every day, as we have a long list of them.

As you probably have noticed, we started to publish more TOPs in order to help people with their choice. And among of them you can find technical platforms and technical courses as well.

But still one thing we haven’t done yet. We haven’t published any materials about the way of getting Tech Certifications. Today we will close the gap and share with you one very important publication from Pluralsight online multi training platform.

The ultimate guide to tech certifications

Make certification your competitive advantage

Cybersecurity attacks are a seemingly daily occurrence. Old-school waterfall development is giving way to DevOps, DevSecOps and other modern methodologies. Multi and hybrid strategies are becoming the new standard for success in the cloud.

In the face of all this change, CIOs, leaders and technology professionals alike are asking themselves: How can I keep up?

The key is technology skill development—and if you’re looking to protect your assets, standardize the skills of your team, reduce waste, address gaps or advance your career, certification is an important tool to validate those skills along the way.

With coverage for the top cloud, IT, security and project management certifications around the world, Pluralsight has everything you need to learn, pass exams and keep your skills relevant. Explore several useful resources, courses and free on-demand webinars below.

What experts are saying about certs

Successful technology professionals are getting a leg up with certification—and the data shows it. Explore these articles to learn more about why certification is a worthwhile investment, the impact it can have salary and employability, and how to prepare for your next exam like a pro.

Why the key to cloud success is cloud certification
7 cloud, IT and security certs that will land you a higher salary
Expert advice for passing your technology certification exam

Guided learning for newbies and vets

No matter your experience level, Pluralsight has the route for you. Explore carefully curated learning paths—complete with all the study resources you’ll need to achieve the most popular (and in-demand) certifications in the world.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01)
Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer
Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-104)
CompTIA Security+ (SY0-601)

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