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Viviane Rotela


Viviane Rotela

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As we have learnt browsing her pages on Facebook and Twitter, Viviane Rotela lives in Brasil and likes computer games, especially El Duende Gamer.

Yest yesterday we published information about Games Development Courses, so maybe someone will get interested in this topic.

A few more words about Game Development as the main topics of Levelnaut website are Online Education, Health and Affiliate Marketing.

“…Your exclusive game development guide
Turning a game idea into reality is an exciting and challenging process. This guide is a great way to get started on learning the art of game development, and will get you familiar with game development terms, game engines, the three Cs of game development and prototyping. Then, you’ll learn how to make your idea come to life.

Game development for beginners: terms to know
There are a lot of terms you learn if you want to build games. Make sure you know what the following important terms mean and get comfortable using them—so you can be a part of and contribute to conversations about game development.

• Additive animations: Animations that are added on top of other animations to perform two or more actions at once

• Alpha map: Also known as transparency maps, they are used to make areas of a model more transparent

• Assets: Models, textures, sound effects, animations and anything else that must be created in external software

• Decals: Textures with transparent properties applied to surfaces for breaking up bare and uninteresting areas of the game

• Displacement map: This adds high resolution detail to a model by pushing or displacing the vertices of a model

• Diffuse map: The flat color of a game object that is applied without any special effects

• Emissive map: A map that provides a glow effect

• Game loop: Whether there’s input from a player or not, game loop allows a game to run smoothly

• Light map: Used to reduce the high memory usage that comes with adding lights through “Light Baking”, which bakes the static lights into the textures of the level

• LOD models (Level of Detail): Different versions of the game resolution model that vary in polygon count and are used based on the model’s distance from the camera

• Looping animations: Animations that can be looped multiple times without the player noticing

• One-off animations: These represent a specific action or movement of an object or character

• Player input: How the player’s controls (controller, mouse, keyboard, touch screen) interact with the game
• Polygon count (or polycount): The total number of triangular polygons it takes to render your model in 3D

• Rigging: Creating the controls, bones, etc. that allow an asset to be animated

• Skinning: The process of connecting or associating the individual bones to the corresponding skin sections

• Specular map: Used to add “shininess” to an object…”

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