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As we have already informed our readers, there are some updates in the rules of Participation in LEENjoy project and LEEnjoy Health Club Since now anyone can choose himself where to register in order to become a member of our community.

That is why we have added two more sub-categories to LEEnjoy Health Club NEWS menu Levelnaut website and we will publish them separately for each group of readers. We will not make any significant changes in newsletters of both companies, and you will be to follow this information like we do.

So, today we will start from Livegood and then will continue as soon as we get new materials for publication.

Congratulations! Diana Nazario just Upgraded in YOUR POWERLINE


As more and more people continue to recognize LiveGood as the most exciting opportunity in the industry, Diana Nazario, who was placed below you in your Powerline, has just placed their product order.

That means you have until THURSDAY night to lock in your position by becoming a member of LiveGood and you will be placed in the matrix before Diana and before everyone else who joins after you.

In fact, with our fast-filling 2×15 forced matrix, you have the ability to earn up to $2,047.50 per month without ever having to enroll a single person, should you get enough people placed under you in the matrix.

With a track record of providing only the HIGHEST QUALITY nutritional supplements on the planet, along with the most powerful Powerline driven system in the industry, it’s no wonder LiveGood has become one of the FASTEST GROWING companies in the world.

BUT, none of this means anything if you don’t lock in your position.

Join Now

Remember: We process all sign-ups at Midnight every Thursday. You must lock in your position before then or you will lose out on Diana Nazario and any other person who has placed their order since our last cutoff date.

That means, if you decide to join later, you will actually be placed in the matrix AFTER Diana, instead of before them. That could mean the difference in hundreds, possibly even thousands of dollars in income.

So be sure to lock in your position TODAY and we’ll see you at the TOP.

To view all of the Pre-Enrollees and Members in your Powerline:

Visit:, put in your email address and click on My Powerline.

To Your Success,

-YOUR LiveGood Support Team

If you have any questions about LEEnjoy project, you can find the answers here LEEnjoy FAQ

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