Pedro Ovalle

Pedro Ovalle


Pedro Ovalle

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As we have learnt browsing this page, Pedro Ovalle lives in New York (USA), but originally, he is from Santiago, Dominican Republic. He worked at Teleuniverso Canal 29 and studied at Infotep (Instituto Nacional de Formación Técnico Profesional – INFOTEP, Santo Domingo)

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“…The National Institute of Formation Technic Professional (INFOTEP) is an institution with dependency state of the Dominican government but decentralized. This talks about to that it has autonomy in his functions.

Objectives – To organize and to govern the National System of Professional Technical Formation that, with the joint effort of the State, the workers and the employers, focus the total development of the human resources and the increase of the productivity of the companies, in all the sectors of the economic activity. – To impel the social promotion of the worker, through its integral formation, to make of him a responsible citizen, possessor of necessary the moral and cultural values for the harmony and the national coexistence…”

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