Crypto News, Mining Belgium BE, 30.01.2023

the first news is, we have reorganized and updated the category Earn crypto on Levelnaut website. Secondly, we are starting Crypto news publication and here is the first information from Mining Belgium BE service.

We are giving away 0.25 Bitcoin! Read here how to qualify

We will give away 0.25 Bitcoin among all publishers. 0.25 Bitcoin is more than € 5000 / $ 5700 below the current price.

Anyone who generates a sale from now through March 31 has a chance to win this prize.

The more sales, the more chance.

Each sale is a lottery number.

We will announce the winner in the first week of April.

This prize is an additional opportunity to earn money. The 15% commission will continue to apply as it is now.

You can advertise as you like. Use our banners or send a link to our website to your friends or family.

Every sale counts.

Use it to your advantage.

With best regards,

Mining Belgium BE

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