15K Users Have Chosen Blogging for Growth

Sometimes you ask us to give more details about some course to choose for study. The last question addressed to LEENjoy team was about any blogging course. There are absolutely no problems with that, guys.

Just mind, that even blogging courses are taught in many multi training platforms and we constantly add new ones.

Today we want to share with information about one of such courses, represented at Skillshare platform. This course is called Content Marketing: Blogging for Growth and already more than 15K users have chosen it for study.

Content Marketing: Blogging for Growth

Eric Siu, CEO of Single Grain, Founder at Growth Everywhere

Lessons in This Class 11 Lessons (1h 21m)

1. Introduction 2:24
2. Get Inspired 10:30
3. 3 Easy Blogging Styles 4:56
4. Brainstorming Your Topic 10:07
5. Outlining Your Blog Post 6:58
6. Adding the Meat 8:05
7. One-Upping the Competition 7:07
8. Writing a Great Headline 9:53
9. Creating an Effective Featured Image 9:48
10. 5 Ways to Stay Successful With Blogging 8:53
11. Closing Thoughts 1:51

About This Class

Explore how entrepreneur Eric Siu creates content not just for the sake of writing, but for hitting your own goals. In this 80-minute deep dive class, you’ll learn Eric’s step-by-step structure for creating compelling blog content — the same process that has helped him build a seven-figure business, Single Grain and the five-star-rated podcast, Growth Everywhere.

Key lessons covered:

– 3 easy blogging styles
– Brainstorming a relevant topic
– Outlining your post
– Adding the “meat” to your post
– Writing an exceptional headline
– Creating an effective featured image

This class is perfect for anyone that wants to use writing for their advantage, especially business owners and marketers. No prior blogging experience is needed to get started – Eric shares his tried-and-true methods for success, so you can enter the world of content marketing with confidence. Afterward, you’ll have your own original blog post to share, and the tools you need to start creating a content machine.

About the Teacher: Eric Siu, CEO of Single Grain, Founder at Growth Everywhere. His own introduction.

“…I’ve worked with various startups, one media company, non-profit organizations, and co-founded an online marketing agency.

My experience in digital marketing spans across SEO, content strategy, social media, analytics, PR, paid acquisition, conversion rate optimization and more.

I’m the former Growth lead at Treehouse, an online technology education startup. My focus was on acquiring customers and retaining them. Couldn’t be happier to have worked with such a talented group of people…”

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