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Today we want to introduce you one more LEENjoy project supporter, an interesting blog which is called Go Right With God Before Its Too Late, and we are glad share some more details about it.

There are no categories in this blogбиге only articles to the Christian topics.

Here is just one small quotation from the article: “…Have you wondered or are you still wondering about your reason for being or the reason for your existence (raison d’être)? If you’re a Christian, you should know the answer to this. However, if you haven’t genuinely accepted Jesus Christ, the answer to this may elude you for your entire life.

The search for this essential truth may lead to and down many paths, but not to the truth. Leaving you with a void and a hunger to fill the void often with things, beliefs, ideas, or ideologies that are often fleeting, falsehoods, or harmful….”

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