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Birbol Das

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As we have learnt browsing this page on Facebook and Instagram, Birbol Das lives in Rangpur Division, Bangladesh.

This way he introduces himself on Facebook:”…I am an expert in social media marketing. It is my passion to design impactful experiences and intelligent digital marketing strategies at the intersection of brand and product.
My current Fiverr services include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn & Email marketing strategies. Your profiles will become SEO optimized in no time, resulting in organic growth. My
1st priority to satisfy my clients with quality work & friendly customer support…”

A few more words about Social Media Marketing as the main topics of Levelnaut website are Online Education, Health and Affiliate Marketing and Moneymaking.

“…Social Media Marketing (SMM): What It Is, How It Works, Pros and Cons

With over 80% of consumers reporting that social media—especially influencer content—significantly impacts buying decisions, marketers across industries are driving the evolution of social media marketing (SMM) from a stand-alone tool to a multipronged source of marketing intelligence on an increasingly important—and growing—audience.

Within 18 years, from 2004 (when MySpace became the first social media site to reach one million users) to 2022, the dramatic growth of interactive digital channels took social media to levels that challenge even the reach of television and radio.

By Q1 of 2022, there were 4.6 billion social media users globally—over 58% of the world’s population—an increase of over 10% in one year alone.

As the use of social media trends upward, marketers are perfecting strategies to capture the significant competitive advantage that engagement with this key audience can deliver even more rapidly and more effectively than traditional marketing.

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