AFFI CAFFEE, 02.02.2023

Welcome to the next LEENjoy followers meeting at our AFFI CAFFEE. let’s talk and share the news.

Remitly: “…Dear Partners, Thank you for being a valued partner for Remitly! We wanted to introduce ourselves as we at LT Partners are now actively managing the Remitly affiliate program. You can reach out to us via with questions or needs going forward. Thank you and we look forward to working with you, Eli and Anna. Remitly Partnerships Team…”

– Thank you for your contact, guys. Good luck Eli and Anna!

Jase Medical: “…We hope you’re excited as we are about our newest incentives campaign! Don’t forget to share your Roster URL and coupon code with friends, family, and followers. This is a great way to earn not only commission, but gift cards as well! We think you’d be a powerful force in helping us get the word out about our products and would love for you to be part of this campaign. Interested? If so, click the button below to get started. Joy Pinedo…”

– Hi, Joy! We have informed members of our community and all affiliate partners of Jase Medical about this offer. Thanks a lot!

Busuu: “…Busuu’s goal has always been to empower people through languages and in 2022 we made some pretty big changes that will help you feel more confident as you learn.
In December we were thrilled to launch a new and improved version of Busuu. We’ve made our content completely free, offering you the chance to explore our learning and expand your language skills.
There’s also the option to upgrade to Premium, where you’ll take your language learning even further, building fluency more quickly as you grow in confidence with help from our Community of native speakers, all ad-free. For our Android users, this update is due to go live in the coming months.
This new version has made it easier to build your learning habit, with more fun, interactive video content, lessons set out clearly so you can track progress, and checkpoints that help you recap what you’ve learned.
Our course content also grew in 2022. Based on your feedback, we launched a new Korean course, new C1 advanced Spanish, Japanese for Manga, French for Inclusivity and English for Academic Study courses.
2022 saw Busuu launch on TikTok amassing over 200k followers. It’s been fantastic seeing people interact and share our content, so do follow us for even more this year.
As we start 2023 the Busuu Community is front and centre. You’ll have more chances to share with other learners at Busuu, all on hand to really help build your French confidence.
We want 2023 to be a great year for your language learning. So, to help we’ve taken 60% off Busuu Premium, just for you. Enjoy! Wishing you the very best, Bernhard Niesner CEO and Co-Founder…”

– Hi, Bernhard! Thank you for your initiative. We at LEEnjoy consider Busuu one of the best multilingual training platforms.

Halara: “…Hi Team, I’m Winnie from Halara. I want to communicate with you about affiliate cooperation.
Halara is the world’s fastest growing online athleisure brands, with cult-favorite products across all social media. Halara scored 4.1 out of 5 on Trustpilot with over 40,000 people giving positive reviews. Halara’s AOV and conversion rate are very competitive with its peers.
If you are interested, please let me know or search Impact ID:14973 to join as soon as possible.Regards,
Halara Affiliate Team…”

– Hi, Winnie! We have applied on Impact. Now we are waiting approvement from you.

Jamieson Vitamins: “…Hello!
I hope you are doing well. I am reaching out on behalf of Jamieson Vitamins, copied, who have extended the below text link and would love for you to share. Show Your Heart Some Love, Save 50% Off starting tomorrow Feb 2 through Feb 15.
Show Your Heart Some Love. Save 50% Off Jamieson Heart Health & 10% Off Sitewide!
Lisa Ouroumis, Account Manager, Client Services”

– Hi, Lisa! We will spread this information among our users. Good luck!

Teachable: “…Our Launch Accelerator Challenge is back, and we have exciting news! The challenge is now open to free Teachable creators until February 28th. Once they’ve created an account and signed up, they can get started with the five-week challenge right away. Promote the challenge to your audience using the resources. Best, Crystal at Teachable”

– Yes, Crystal we have been using it already. Thank you.

Cambridge Mask: “…Dear Partner,
I hope this email finds you well. My name is Gika from Cambridge Mask, and I have been reviewing your profile. It’s great to see that you’re already an affiliate of our company, and I want to help you reach your goals with our program.
Here are three quick tips that have worked well for other affiliates:
Publish a Review: Write a comprehensive review of Cambridge Mask on your website or blog. Make sure to tailor the review to your audience by highlighting the unique selling points of our masks that your customers would find helpful.
Use Promotions and Coupon Codes: Stay up-to-date with the latest promotions and coupon codes by checking the Awin backend under “My Offers”. We offer new promotions each month and exclusive coupon codes to our partners. Share these offers with your audience to help them save on their purchases.
Utilize Social Media and Awin Extension: Use your social media accounts to promote Cambridge Mask and utilize the deep link generator to make sure your leads are trackable. If you use Google Chrome, add the Awin Chrome Extension to quickly access the latest promotions and offers.
These tips will be helpful for you! If you’d like to receive more information and support, feel free to contact me at
Remember, please let me know if you’d like a free sample to review for your website.
Best regards, Gika. Cambridge Mask Team
Bundle Deal: Buy 5 Masks Get 50% Off
Shop 5 masks of any colour and size and use the discount code at checkout to get 50% off!
Coupon Code: 5LESS50
Starts: 2/2/23 2:04 AM. Ends: 2/9/23 1:57 AM (Europe/London)
Best regards, Gika. Cambridge Mask Team…”

– Thanks a lot for the information, Gika!

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