Brands News and Discounts, 02.02.2023

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Fytoo Optical: “…Dear Friends,
We’re glad that you’re reading this email. To help us build a better collaboration relationship, we hold some new campaigns on our website. We have also prepared some coupons at a higher discount, which allows you to earn more commissions! Here are the changes to our website.
Section A Customer Appreciation Sale
One free frame for every two pairs in the specified list.
Anti-Blue Lenses 20% off.
Orders over $50 can choose gifts from the free zone at the top of the shopping cart.
Lucky Wheel Draw.
Section B Exclusive Affiliates Coupons (At Higher Discount!)
1.Code: IM6T ($6 off on orders $50+ coupon)
2.Code: IM10T ($10 off on orders $80+ coupon)
3.Code: IM15T ($15 off on orders $120+ coupon)
4.Code: IM25T ($25 off on orders $180+ coupon)
5.Code: IM10 (10% off coupon (Invalid for frames under $10 or accessories))
We sincerely hope you could increase the promotion of our brand and earn more commission in this win-win campaign. Based on the principle of long-term cooperation and mutual benefit, we hope that there will be no irregularities such as swiping during the campaign period. Your understanding would be greatly appreciated.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our campaign.
Best Regards, Fytoo…”

Blockchain Council
: “…Save 30% – Enroll Now
Imagine a future where you can say goodbye to intermediaries and take total control of your organization. The growing Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) ecosystem offers you just that. With a market cap of 21 billion USD in 2022 and a projected compound annual growth rate of 42.5% from 2022 to 2030, the DAO revolution is just beginning.
Whether you’re looking to invest, raise funds, make a charitable impact, execute proposals, govern dApps, or purchase NFTs, DAOs are the solution you’ve been searching for.
What more? You can earn as much as $300,000 per year working for a DAO!”

Holly and Hugo: “…Knowledge is meant to be shared, and Holly and Hugo is a learning platform with over 30 accredited online courses.
Who is our content for?
– pet parents that want to make sure their pets are taken care of properly
– animal care entrepreneurs who want to provide a five-star service to their clients and their beloved pets
– anyone who wants to kick start their career with animals
Do you want to be a part of turning aspirations into reality by making learning accessible and supporting our students’ development? And making some extra money on top of it?
Right now, we offer 1-year access to all courses for just 69 (it was 129).
And, for those affiliates selling 20 units (or more) of Access to All Courses for Holly and Hugo in February, they we’ll get a CPA 60%! You can provide the tools to make both your audience and their pets happy and earn extra comission this February!”

Highline Wellness: “…Does this phrase sound familiar?
“I just need to take care of everything else, and everyone else, and then I’ll take some time for myself.”
If it does, do you ever actually do it? Or are you so burnt out that you don’t even get to purchasing the essentials, let alone getting to the actual self-care part?
And that’s where we come in!
Highline Wellness CBD Subscription Boxes
Never run out of your favorite CBD again…”

Teachable: “…For the first time ever, anyone on a free plan can join our Launch Accelerator Challenge and learn how to launch an online course in 30 days. Previously reserved for paying customers, this in-depth challenge will help you kickstart your course creation journey with step-by-step support.
By joining Launch Accelerator, you’ll gain all the tools, guidance, and resources you need to start selling your course, including:
Video trainings from our in-house experts on how to build out your school and course
Actionable lessons on how to map out an engaging curriculum your students will love
An effective launch plan strategy to help put your course out into the world
Plus, weekly emails with tasks to keep you on track
And much more…
Take the first step and join a free plan on Teachable to register for Launch Accelerator—only until February 28…”

Bowflex: “…Dear Partners,
Thank you for being a valued partner for Bowflex! We wanted to introduce ourselves as we at LT Partners are now actively managing the Bowflex affiliate program. You can reach out to us via with questions or needs going forward. Thank you and we look forward to working with you,
Rachel Morgan and Rachel Miller, Bowflex Partnerships Team…” “…Friends,
February is the perfect month to snuggle up with! With the cold weather in full force, the UK will want to stock up on gear to keep their loved ones warm and comfortable. And, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s a perfect time, for the perfect gifts. Embrace the chill and show your audience these amazing February promos!
Valentine’s Day Hoodie Sale! (Live Until February 15th)
Buy 1 Hoodie for £89, Get 1 Free with voucher LOVEISLOVE
(Remember, delivery arrives within 2-5 working days so make sure you encourage your audience to order well in advance of Valentine’s Day!)
Mix and Match Hoodies and Blankets! (Live Until February 28th)
Save up to 70% on any combination of Kuddly Hoodies and Blankets.
Mix and Match Sleep Accessories and Blankets! (Live Until February 28th)
Save up to 65% on any combination of select Kuddly Products!”

Alison: “…Start out the month with our February Sale, now ON! Complete any course by Friday, and get
25% off all PDF Certificates and Diplomas…”

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