Forever Living Products Event – Yes, you CANNES

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Today we are sharing the news about new event at Forever Forever Company.

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“…Yes, you CANNES

On the French Riviera – an exclusive European incentive
Do you want to come to Cannes on the French Riviera for a large European convention? In Cannes you can!
An exclusive European incentive can take you to an invested European conference in Cannes, France.

To be eligible for the incentive, you must meet the following requirements
During the incentive period 4/30/23 – 2/1/23:
You must be active 4CC for all three months of the incentive period.
You must obtain a new 40CC during the incentive period.
You must add two new authorized resellers during the incentive period.

The prestigious award:
Two nights in a double room (for you and a guest of your choice) in a hotel in Cannes, French Riviera, on the dates 2-4.6.23.
Exclusive tutorials.
Beach party night.
Participation in the International Success Day of France.
Travel reimbursement up to €150 per person, total €300…”

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