Have You heard About a Mompreneur?

If you haven’t heard anything yet, you should continue reading because at some websites of BIG AFF LIST they make money very actively.

So, information is taken from one of LEENjoy newsletters sent us by Mynexusrewards

What’s a MOMpreneur? A Mom that is an entrepreneur.

Kim Ward is one of the most successful Mompreneurs online.

We suggest that you share the new replay of Kim Wards Nexus Overview with any Mompreneurs that you know. Here’s the YouTube link: https://youtu.be/mlTaXJM79Hw

Follow up with your Mompreneurs and share your link for them to enroll in Nexus Rewards and Invite them to the Tuesday night Nexus Corporate Overview Zoom.

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More about Kim Ward:

Among her many accomplishments are:
Digital Content Creator
2018 Finalist Ray Higdon’s PLAY TO WIN Reality Show
Certified NLP Practitioner
Owner of Life By Design LLC – A Coaching and Consulting Company
President & CEO at Katie’s Mission
Senior Level Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine
Nexus Rewards Star Director
The upcoming host of her own Streaming Show -The Family Coaster. broadcasted on “The Good Wives Network”. Launching 2/1/2023
Kim Ward has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs successfully bring their business online, connect with ideal clients and make more money in less time so that they can spend their time doing…what they want.

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