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Sevume Derrick

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As we have learnt browsing this page on Facebook, Sevume Derrick lives in Kampala, Uganda. He likes many things and among of his preferences we found the project Ambulance4all.

A few more words about Ambulance4all as the main topics of Levelnaut website are Online Education, Health and Affiliate Marketing and Moneymaking.

“… Ambulance4all

Vitamin B12 or covalamin is a water-soluble vitamin that belongs to the vitamin B complex. It is a co-operative of many enzyme reactions and in combination with Vitamins such as, iron or folic acid contributes to DNA composition, nervous system health and energy production.
Where does he help ?
It contributes to the normal metabolism of energy in the body
It contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system
It contributes to normal homocysteine metabolism
It contributes to normal psychological function
It contributes to the normal formation of red blood cells
It contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system
It helps to reduce fatigue and fatigue
It is also important for the process of cell division
Foods rich in this Vitamin are:
the dairy products,
the meat
the seafood
and the soybeans.
B12 deficiency causes problems in the nervous system, macro-cellular and large-blastic anemia. More specifically, symptoms such as:
The feeling of being tired
Loss of appetite
Gastric Atrophy
Neuro muscular pain
A “Broken” immune system
In addition, the deficiency is particularly common in:
vegetarians and vegans, as they prevent smaller quantities due to their diet
and in the elderly due to reduced absorption from the intestinal tract.
With love & respect always!
The Ambulance4all team – Ambulance For All…”

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