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Alex Kim

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As we have learnt browsing this page, Alex Kim дives in Bangkok, Thailand. Among his favorites and likes, we have found also a Certificate of DCM Travel and Tours.

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“…How to Earn a Travel Agent Certification

Learn about travel agent certification, which can demonstrate a travel agent’s skills, experience, credibility, and commitment.

Travel agents assist individuals, groups, and businesses with their travel arrangements.
Certification is available in a variety of travel sectors — cruises, airlines, and more.
Although travel agent certification is not required, it may lead to career growth.
Travel agents have desired communication, organization, sales, and negotiation skills.
Travel agents sell travel products from a variety of vendors, including airlines, hotels and resorts, and cruise lines.

They assist travelers with their travel arrangements and vacation planning. This assistance may include booking transportation on airplanes, trains, cruise ships, and/or rental cars and making hotel and lodging reservations. They also arrange ground transportation, tours, meal reservations, and activities…”

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