Computta Winter Contest – 100mBTC for Grabs

Absolutely hot information for all crypto enthusiasts. We will not change even a word and share it with you, dear readers. So, go to Computta immediately and read everything yourselves. Just want to add that it is the trustful service whish we have been already using for a couple of years.

“…Hi there, long time no talk!
Hope you are having a great week so far. BTW how does it feel to live in 2023??
This year must be better than the previous one, right!?
Today is the very beginning of February and we decided to start a Winter Referral Contest! At LAST…!
We started our first ever Referral Contest in December 2018.
We wanted all Computta users realize the potential of our 5-tier referral program and the hefty commissions it can generate for them daily.

In case you are new to Computta, this is one good way to 10X your earnings quite easily.

So we decided to run these Referral Contests for our registered users to increase awareness and encourage everyone to invite others to Computta and earn autopilot commissions for their efforts.

And of course, the winner gets all the glory and a nice amount of 50mBTC (about $1200! at this time)
By popular demand from our users, we also reward those who pushed hard but did not make it to the very top.

So here are all the Top 6 Prizes for this contest:
First Place gets 50mBTC! ($1200!)
Second Place gets 30mBTC
Third Place gets 10mBTC
Fourth Place gets 5mBTC
Fifth Place gets 3mBTC
Sixth Place gets 2mBTC

Rules Are Simple:
– Referral Contest starts on January 31 and ends on February 28 midnight, 2023
– Only personal active referrals generated within this period will count
– One who gets the most referrals wins!
– No Spam or anything unethical in your promotions
– No fake or paid referrals – you will get deleted and banned for this

So, there is no time to waste, act now!
Here is what to do now:
1. go into your Computta web account,
2. grab your referral link there
3. start promoting – post on all your social accounts, blogs, video channels!
4. do and post screenshots from your account, of your received payments etc people sign up like crazy after seeing some real proof…

Getting referrals is easier than you think. Remember we are a completely free service that makes you crypto 24X7. So you are literally giving away bitcoins when you invite someone Computta.

This is the first contest since spring of last year, so let’s start 2023 with a bang. Let’s roll now and all the best to you and yours in 2023! Best regards and Good Luck in 2023!

George and Team Computta…”

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