MageNet’s New Quality Reward Program

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Now, we want to share with you another hot information from Magenet platform.

Just have a look at it or better read to the end very carefully.


From February 2023, our team has updated MageNet’s Quality Reward Program and revised bonus scoring system.

You can read about all the changes made at this link.

It still underlies Google’s ranking algorithm: if you own a quality website, the income won’t be far behind.

Don’t know what your bonus score is?

It’s a great opportunity for all the Magenet publishers to get rewarded for adding quality websites. That’s how you can make your site double or triple profit, getting up to 150% extra commission for contextual ads sales.

Magenet uses an algorithm that calculates a Quality Rank for your website based on a number of parameters, including Website Size Score (WSS), DA Score, PA Score, IP Score, Category competition (CC).

Using MageNet’s Quality Reward Program, you’ll get the bonus in addition to your monthly earnings.

How do we calculate your bonus?

To calculate your bonus score for each page separately, we use a plain formula. Read more, discover the formula with recently modified data, and start earning more straightaway…”

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