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Checking information about account of Levelnaut Subscriber Lluís Bussé in Search, we have found some interesting information about this person on Gravatar and in his blog. Here is his short introduction:”…Lluís Bussé’s black-and-white photographs of iconic sights around the city of Barcelona come with a twist: the viewer is invited to imagine that this is the Barcelona of a parallel universe. Each image is a collage creating surprising conjunctions: a stream runs through a street and waves crash around city buildings…” There is a lot of educational information in Lluís Bussé’s blog about Universe, Physics and so on.

A few more words about these topics the main topics of Levelnaut website is Online Education, Health and Affiliate Marketing and MoneyMaking.

“…Let’s think of a house as a O universe. In it we have different rooms. Each one has a function: the dining room, the bathroom, the kitchen, the bedroom. Also suppose we have some tenants, a family: the mother, the father, the daughter.

This house is new, it is part of a building, with different floors: the ground floor, the first floor, the attic, the community area, the parking. Each floor in a universe that is part of a supermassive universe, the community of neighbors with their owners and tenants who live for a certain period of time. Some families leave the home and settle in others, make a move. Let’s go back to the floor of the Ou universe, where the family lives: a few hundred billion galaxies with astonishing ring and spiral-arm morphologies, millions of solar systems, countless planets, clouds, gases, nursery stars, tadpoles, constellations. Let us unify the content, the orbits and the interstellar systems in the family concept, the visible matter of the Ou universe…”

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