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Discount School Supply: “…NEW YEAR SALE! SAVE $10 OFF ANY ORDER OF $50 OR MORE! Plus Get Free Shipping On Orders $99 Or More Using Code: COUPON10 Shop Now At Discount School Supply! NEW YEAR SALE! SAVE $10 OFF ANY ORDER OF $50 OR MORE! Plus Get Free Shipping On Orders $99 Or More
NEW YEAR SALE! SAVE $10 OFF ANY ORDER OF $50 OR MORE! Plus Get Free Shipping On Orders $99 Or More Using Code: COUPON10 – Shop Now At Discount School Supply!”

Christy Dawn : “…Here’s the latest update from Christy Dawn Affiliate Program: The 30% Off Sale Continues!
Check out our best-selling Dawn Boot, Chelsea Boots, and Agnes Oxford just got added to the sale. Find your perfect fit today!The Birthday Sale continues, an expression of appreciation for you – our community. Your support has allowed us to create so much beauty while honoring the mother of all beings Mother Earth herself. Please note that items 30% off and greater are final sales. Let us know how we can help promote this sale through you! New Arrivals not included.
Promo End Date: February 05, 2023…”

Pluralsight: “…It’s time to test-drive Pluralsight Skills—and take your tech skills to the next level. From now until the end of the weekend, you can take any of our 7,000+ expert-led video courses, 40+ interactive courses, and 20+ projects completely free. It’s a rare opportunity to develop some new skills on us and get a feel for what our Skills platform can offer you. What new things will you know once Free Weekend’s over? Clear your calendar February 3 – 5 and find out…”

Daily High Club: “…It’s the Season of Love and Cupid has a surprise for you with our upcoming promotions! Get your hearts racing by boosting your sales and earning big commissions. Cupid’s arrow is pointing towards success, so aim high and start earning today! Daily High Club is the best way to earn big money this February. Don’t miss out on this sweet opportunity to cash in on these deals and show your audience some love. Let’s make this month our best sales month ever. Upcoming Sale: 2.06-2.13 20% Off Bongs Coupon Code: RIP20
Just wanted to remind you that if you bump up your sales by 20% this month and make at least $1000, you’ll get a sweet 20% bonus on your commissions. So go out there and spread the love and get this bonus!
Cheers, Chris Wade Affiliate Manager, High Tide Inc…”

TurboTenant: “…Welcome to our monthly newsletter that helps you maximize your affiliate partnership with TurboTenant. Here you’ll find partnership news, product updates, plus new resources and content.
New! TurboTenant Academy for Landlords
Earn affiliate commission on Customer Conversions when your referrals purchase courses through TurboTenant Academy. Our first course, Fair Housing for Landlords, teaches the fundamentals of fair housing requirements to run a rental business to avoide costly lawsuits and disruptions.
See our first course: Fair Housing for Landlords
REI Hub Discount for Rental Accounting
Tax season is now in full swing. TurboTenant’s partnership with REI Hub integrates properties on our platform with a full accounting solution, including financial reports. We’re automatically offering a 50% discount on REI Hub purchases through TurboTenant until mid-February. This purchase also qualifies as a Customer Conversion event and earns affiliate commission.
Even More Customization with Tenant Applications
Are rental property investors in your audience using online tools like TurboTenant for applications and tenant screening? Landlords can now personalize their applications more than ever before by adding up to 4 of their own questions or turning on or off certain background questions to comply with local laws. Using TurboTenant for applications qualifies as a Customer Conversion event for our affiliates…”

Social Media Calendar: “… FLASH SALE – BUY ONE GET ONE FOR FREE ⚡ **Add at least 2 products to your cart and another one is for free** 200 Entrepreneur Templates Regular price $29.00 USD Sale price $15.00
Receive 200 ready-made templates for Entrepreneurs, Business owners, Financial Planners, and Analysts. These templates are perfect for getting more visibility, followers, engagement, and sales on social media.
The bundle includes:
*50 Viral Quotes
*50 Engaging Questions
*50 Inspiring Business Tips
*50 Business & Finance Infographics
All templates are fully editable in Canva!”

Mining Belgium BE: “…We are giving away 0.25 Bitcoin! Read here how to qualify. We will give away 0.25 Bitcoin among all publishers. 0.25 Bitcoin is more than € 5000 / $ 5700 below the current price. Anyone who generates a sale from January 25 through March 31 has a chance to win this prize. The more sales, the more chance. Each sale is a lottery number.We will announce the winner in the first week of April.This prize is an additional opportunity to earn money. The 15% commission will continue as it is now. You can advertise as you like. Use our banners or send a link to our website to your friends or family. Every sale counts. Use it to your advantage. With best regards, MiningBelgium…”

Mandarin Blueprint: “…Mandarin Blueprint – The Mandarin Blueprint Method
Valentine’s Day Special. So, Valentine’s Day is coming up and it got me thinking about how much Mandarin has impacted my life. When I came to China in 2013, I headed straight for Chengdu, Sichuan province. I met my wife on my very first day here, and we’ve pretty much been together ever since.

Her first impression of me was my voice. She said I sounded like Chris Martin from Coldplay. She loved how I pronounced my (very basic) Mandarin to complain about having to pay for mayonnaise, while ketchup was free. Despite being the manager of the restaurant, she was still impressed. We connected over my love of her language, and as the years passed and my Mandarin skills developed, we were able to communicate with growing depth.

I asked her to marry me in a park in Beijing, overlooking the summer palace. We got married in her hometown one month later, and her entire family celebrated with us by force-feeding me baijiu and mountains of food.

I was able to connect instantly with her hilarious sisters and brothers-in-law, kind and caring aunts and uncles, and her selfless mother. None of them had ever met anyone who wasn’t Chinese before, but because I had a firm grasp of their mother tongue, they made me feel like I had always been a part of the family.

Her grandfather is almost 100% deaf, but thanks to my ability to read and write Chinese, I was able to hold many silent conversations with him, in which I learned all about his fascinating tales of life in Shanghai during the cultural revolution.

I was able to give a moving speech in Mandarin, in which I promised her father (the kindest man I have ever met) that I would make lots of grandchildren for him, and take care of his daughter.

I was able to whisper kind words to comfort that man in his last moments as he passed away, three months later.

There are many reasons to learn Mandarin, and I’m certainly not saying that the only reason, or even the main reason, is to build connections with future loved ones. All I can say is that getting to know my wife and her family has been the highlight of my life, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without investing the time necessary for proficiency in Mandarin.

We have developed a video curriculum over several years that gets results fast. In honor of valentine’s day, we’re offering a $100 discount on the Mandarin Blueprint Method.

The perfect gift for lovers of language. Just enter the coupon code LOVE23 on the Mandarin Blueprint Method Checkout page. Much love, Luke…”

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