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Otilia Moldovan


Otilia Moldovan

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As we have learnt browsing this page on Aspense, Otilia Moldovan lives in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. She is interested in the following topics: Affiliate Marketing, Education, Internet and eBusiness, Music, Shopping and Reviews. She is also “…a retired teacher of English as a Foreign Language. Starting using the Internet for lots of European and International school projects, I came across the other side of the Internet, which is making money on it!…”

A few more words about English Teachers, which earn at Leenjoy as the main topics of Levelnaut website are Online Education, Health and Affiliate Marketing and Moneymaking.

“…Teachers Earn and Get Profit Online

It is not a secret, of course. Teachers Earn offline and earn offline and get a salary. This salary is not so high, as a rule. But there are a lot of variants how to earn more and even get passive income online.

Now we are talking not about any mlm project or hyip project but about quite another possibility. Variant to be discussed is closely connected to their main activity, which is teaching. Let’s observe just three variants, though there are much more of them, even in the frames of LEENjoy project.

1. Teachers can create their own online course and sell it via internet. Nowadays there are a lot of tools and useful programs for that, so the process itself doesn’t seem complicated at all. As to the multi training platforms or tests and exams websites, there are plenty of them too. Teachers can get even passive income recording some video courses or making lesson presentations by many ways,

2. The second possibility is very important and very profitable too. Unfortunately, not many teachers even guess about it. The matter is – there are a lot of students of absolutely different ages are interested in tutors which will help them to pass any course and to get a certificate of famous university online. Especially in great demand are teachers of foreign languages, because the majority of online courses are in English. Most students are glad to get “2 in I” – to pass the professional course and to lift up their English.

3. And one more variant in this list is – creating a blog or a website for reselling online courses or other words saying, to get profit in affiliate marketing in Education niche.

Of course, it is far not the end the list of variants, but just a possibility of thinking over something different from daily routine…”

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