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Today, we are sharing information from Downlinefarm

“…Hi! Thanks again for being part of Downline Farm.

You can access your Bonus eBooks in the “Downloads” area, including the MONEY FROM NOTHING SYSTEM eBook, FREE BIZ PROMOTION and AIOP PIF SYSTEM.

To get the most from your account be sure to download and read “Free Biz Promotion”. This is the user guide for Downline Farm and you will find it in your “Downloads” area.

Be sure to check out our “Compensation Plan” page, to see how we became the first home based business ever to make it Impossible to fail, even if you can’t sponsor anyone (if you are Upgraded).

You will see How we built Your Success right into the program.

You just need to upgrade to our very affordable Gold membership level, and YOU WILL earn commissions that WILL GROW over time.

Visit the “Upgrade” page to see what else a Gold membership gets you.

Can’t afford to upgrade right now? Not to worry, you can still earn with us:

Step #1)

Join Cryptotabbrowser from your “Bitcoin and Crypto” page. Of all the programs in Downline Farm right now,CryptoTab may have the potential to produce the Most income.
And it’s 100% FREE!.

Step #2)
Download the MONEY FROM NOTHING eBook from your “Downloads” page for More ways to earn money without spending a single penny.

Let me know if you have any questions. God bless you, Roberto Santana…”

“…Why Is This Happening?

I hope you are having a great day. If you are surfing traffic exchanges and safelists daily, you will notice that you cannot go more than One Minute without seeing an ad for LiveGood.

Why is this happening?

Why is LiveGood exploding bigger than any MLM company ever seen before?

Is this THE ONE we’ve all been waiting for?

You will find LiveGood on the Community Programs page of Downline Farm.

Because LiveGood is a new company, and new to DLF, we are getting Spillover in our forced matrix.

Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. Watch the video above, or watch it on the Community Programs page.

By the way, our Other Community Commissions Pool Program, AIOP is also doing great. And we pay your first month, with the PIF Ticket feature. But hurry, there are only 2 PIF Tickets left right now.

For more information on our Community Commission Pool feature, download the “Free Biz Promotion” eBook from your “Downloads” page. We recently updated the eBook, so be sure to download the new updated version.

The Community Commission Pool information is at the end of the eBook.

The Community Commission Pool feature is exclusive to Downline Farm. We invented the concept, and you will not find it anywhere else.

God bless you and your loved ones, Roberto…”

“…Hi! I hope you are having a wonderful day.

MLM (Network Marketing) companies have compensation plans that make it nearly impossible for the Little Guy to succeed.

To QUALIFY to earn money with them, you have to meet Sales Quotas, Referral Quotas, Volume Quotas, Rank Advancement Qualifiers, etc. etc. etc…

The Downline Farm Community Commissions Pool overcomes all of those obstacles. And it is an Exclusive feature found nowhere else on the planet, only on Downline Farm

Working as a team, with everyone joining the programs from THE COMMUNITY LINK, Downline Farm’s affiliate accounts in those companies will achieve the tough qualifications quotas needed to earn large commissions in those programs.

This works differently than the Downline Builder programs, where you join programs under another Downline Farm member’s team. In the Community Programs you are signing up directly Under Downline Farm within those companies.

We then share the commissions earned by Downline Farm’s affiliate accounts in those companies with you through our profit-sharing pool.

Downline Farm has NO QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS, other than upgrading to the Gold level, to earn from the pool.

So in effect, you just converted those company’s inefficient, unworkable compensation plans into our Seniority-Based profit-sharing plan.

For more information visit the “Community Programs” page.

For more complete details, download the eBook “Free Biz Promotion” from your “Downloads” page.

The information for the Community Commissions Pool starts on page 22 of the Free Biz Promotion eBook. It include complete step by step instructions on how to get started.

Exciting things are happening with the community programs, so don’t miss out. 2023 could be Your Breakout year!

God bless you, Roberto Santana…”

Visit Downlinefarm now.

If you have any questions about LEEnjoy project, you can find the answers here LEEnjoy FAQ

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