Ayesha Khan

Ayesha Khan


Ayesha Khan

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As we have learnt browsing this page on Facebook, we found that Ayesha Khan lives in Karachi, but originally, she is from Sadar, Sindh, Pakistan. She has about 1.6K friends, what tells us about her good networking skills.

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“…READY Pakistan began the process of taking on new members in 2021 as it moves towards independence. The hub initiated a membership drive that aimed to bring in at least 25 local and national organisations to ensure locally led leadership and membership. More than 120 organisations applied to become members of READY Pakistan, which is a testament to the success and visibility of the hub. Membership intake will be finalised in 2022.

A strong and well-established disaster risk financing (DRF) programme characterises READY Pakistan. To mitigate Pakistan’s hazards like floods, heatwaves, and droughts, READY Pakistan’s DRF programme models risks, develops plans and pre-positions funds that respond to high-confidence predictions of those hazards. Hub members can then respond quickly and proactively to needs before and during the early stages of crises. In 2021, the hub’s DRF system was triggered five times; four times for heatwaves and once for drought.

Aside from a successful DRF programme in 2021, READY Pakistan gained recognition from and collaborated with national authorities as well as multilateral and international organisations. The hub invested in strengthening engagement, outreach and collective action with national authorities, while preparing for its registration as a legal entity in 2022…

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