How to Clone LEEnjoy Model for Your Own Business

In order to answer the question in the title of this article, let’s formulate some other questions, gradually appeared in mind, and then answer them for better understanding the topic itself.

First Question. What for and Why to clone it?

– The answer is very simple – in order to save time for your PERSONAL business, to start making money much faster, to save the budget for promotion. One of the main reasons for many and many people to leave the affiliate marketing business is a very hard its development.

Have you thought about the reason why it is so? No, the majority of people cannot even guess what the main reason is. But the main reason is – they plan to create “a worldwide international project with multiple sources of incomes”. It is absolutely naive. They, probably, don’t know how the algorithm of Search Engines works. In short, all those “googles” want you, first of all, to press upon the narrow circle of your friends and relatives, then neighbors, then people who live in your district, region and so on. Exactly this way the spread their ads and commercials and earn “on reference of anything on the planet”. And if you want to build anything “bigger”, you should waste much more budgets… mostly in vain, just making work instead of Search Engines. They will never work free for you, just because they are “good guys”.

– Second Question. How to do it?

No need to say, that you can use the The Model of Making Money and with LEEnjoy absolutely free and just rearranging a little bit the menu for your own website on your own domain. But you can follow absolutely the same model, using your own referral links and creatives.

– Third Question. Could this Model be changed?

Yes, of course it could be change, as meanwhile we at LEENjoy don’t plant to start a franchise (but it is possible in future). Moreover, you can run 2 Team Business in the LEEnjoy Model as secondary ones and use your Personal as the main. In this case, you are a decision taker.

If you have any questions about LEEnjoy project, you can find the answers here LEEnjoy FAQ

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