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Bogdan Ignat

Checking information about account of Bogdan Ignat in Search, we have found some interesting information about this person on Facebook, Instagram and Amazon. He lives in Iasi, Romania and studied at Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iași. He is also interested in business with Amazon.

A few more words about business with Amazon as the main topics of Levelnaut website is Online Education, Health and Affiliate Marketing and MoneyMaking.

At Amazon Bogdan Ignat presents a Kindle Book Fighting the Inside Dragons. He writes the following about it:
“…We try to make some sense out of this weird brutal world. The problem is that the sense we’re making has the power to change our mindset and that’s what really matters. WE are the ones seeing the world so WE are the ones deciding how it is and we can only do it for us. Two different people can see the same life differently; therefore, what’s inside our head makes the difference.

I believe that people need to be more aware of how important the inner universe really is so I wrote a book to bring some awareness in this area, along with some tools that can help you re-gain the control over your thought process and emotions.

How satisfied are you with your life? If you believe there is room for improvement, try my book and let me know if it helped you!”

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