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Rai Saha

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As we have learnt browsing this page, Rai Saha lives in Kalyani, West Bengal, India. She is an active YouTuber and video blogger.

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What Is Video Blogging? How to Create Your Own Blog

What to Know

Create an account at YouTube or another video platform. Limit your vlog entries to between two and six minutes.
Post frequently and authentically. Don’t overproduce. Keep it real.
Promote your vlog on social media channels and include its URL in your social media profiles.
This article explains the basics of video blogging and includes information on the equipment you need and how to make money with your vlog.

Getting Started

Video blogs—often housed on the YouTube platform—serve as video-based diaries. They’re a natural extension of the text-based blogs of the early 2000s, with the exception that because they’re housed online, discoverability increases and content-sharing friction decreases.

To launch your vlogging journey, create an account on YouTube or another video platform. Anyone’s allowed to upload content to YouTube; you don’t need a special creator account to upload.

Although you’re free to use any video platform you like, most vloggers use YouTube because of the site’s massive size and reliability.

Content Tips

Effective vlogs are generally short and personal. In most cases, a vlog entry shouldn’t be fewer than two minutes long or longer than six minutes long—research suggests that too-short, or too-long, of videos dissuade viewers.

The goal is to post frequently and authentically. It’s better to post a half-dozen times per week with a webcam or your phone camera than to post twice a month but emphasize studio-quality glossiness.

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