Attention: Wise Updates It’s Privacy Policy

As you know we carefully follow the business, financial and LEENjoy project. Recently we have got the information from WISE anв sharing it now with you.

Information from WISE

An update on our Wise Privacy Policy

We wanted to let you know we have updated our Privacy Policy which applies to all Wise customers.

We are here to protect your privacy and are always striving to ensure we remain transparent on how we handle your personal data. We have simplified the layout of our Privacy Policy to provide further clarity on how we collect, use and disclose your personal data.

The updated Privacy Policy will go into effect on 24th February 2023. By continuing to use our services after this date, you are agreeing to the updates.

Here is a summary of our key changes:

One document: We have simplified our policy from a separate policy for each country into one document. This outlines how we handle your data, no matter where you are, or which product you are using.

We have provided more clarity on how we use your personal data and the lawful bases for doing so.

We have added details of customer information we share with Amazon as part of Amazon’s Payment Service Provider Programme. This only applies to customers that use Wise to receive payments for products sold on Amazon. You can find more information about this in Section 12 of our Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions about the Privacy Policy or how we handle your data, please email us at

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