How to Find the Main Affiliate Marketing Secret

As usual in such cases, I prefer to write in the first person. I don’t want to pretend to be some kind of “unique guru” and so I’m just expressing my personal opinion on the subject mentioned in the title.

So, first of all my answer to the question, but then I highly recommend reading the article to the end in order to understand some more details and get the latest news and insides about LEENjoy project.

To my mind, the main secret of the Affiliate Marketing is to stop – TO STOP MONETIZING ANY AFFILIATE MARKETING That means also – to stop shilling, to stop involving, to stop heating cold market, to stop engaging and even to stop selling!

The matter is all the mentioned above processes are too energy-intensive, too long and associated with large investments in any case.

But what to do in this case?

In one classical book about marketing was given a brilliant example about a good seller and a customer. This brilliant seller could hear absolutely well the customer, he could listen very attentively and sincerely, not having an intention “to sell anyway”. He just HELPED THE CUSTOMER TO CHOOSE THE BEST OPTION (taking into account the budget, the customer’ “vision”, the presence or absence of an item in stock with the ability to order it in the near future etc.)

The majority of people, which come to Internet understand well enough the reason they have done it. Nowadays, Internet is a place where they can order a service (freelancing), exchange or share information (social networking or communication), get some answers to their question and save time this way. Maybe some more but not so significant. They already know “the rules of the games” from their friends and relatives even if they are the absolute newcomers. It happened only once by the couple last years, when my client told me his PHISYCAL address, after my question “Where to send the material?”)) At least everyone can use e-mails and Search.

So, in short, my answer to the question in the title is “TO HELP THE CUSTOMER CHOOSING THE BEST OPTION”

Now let’s come to LEEnjoy. If you have read the LEEnjoy part of Levelnaut website menu, you have understood already the Mission, MODEL, the rules of PARTICIPATION and all the PERKS of this project. Insight 1. Very soon all the categories of this menu will be provided by infographics.

As it was said LEEnjoy is non-commercial online club and practically everyone can join it. Insight 2. At least more then 55K people did it in period of half past year. Now we tell more about it and invite people by SMM, but just in order to test the effectiveness of new traffic sources and promo tools, but the not more than 10% of newcomers join us this way.

Insight 3. On the other hand, the list of supporters and supporting blogs is looking almost endless, and more and more people say that they are interested in being introduction in this project. Anyway, I will remind just a few words:

“…My name is Boris Siomin. I consider myself a happy and a positive man, successfully realizing my plans and ideas. As it is written on my Facebook page: “…I always try in my life to follow two important concepts like creativity and positive. And I’m calm. They are the main instruments of God, or whatever we call him. Therefore, my main goal and the meaning of my life is to go on following these concepts too…”

So, if you are positive to LEEnjoy two team kinds of lifestyle types of business – which are Knowledge and Health, and creative enough to show or recommend ABSOLUTELY ANY OTHER kinds of your personal business (no matter on what stage from newcomer to founder) – you are welcome on board – your team is ready to pay attention.

That’s all. Nothing complicated. Respectively and Sincerely, Boris Siomin, LEEnjoy Founder.

If you have any questions about LEEnjoy project, you can find the answers here LEEnjoy FAQ

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