LiveGood News, 15.02.2023

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Today we are sharing the news about LiveGood

LiveGood: “…Hi Partner,
It’s me, Ryan Goodkin, CoFounder of LiveGood and our proud Director of Product Development. First off, Happy Valentine’s Day…
And speaking of the day that is all about HEARTS, did you know that February is HEART Health Month?
It sure is!
Cardiovascular health is one of the MOST IMPORANT aspects of our health that we really need to INTENTIONALLY focus on.
And with Cardiovascular disease the NUMBER 1 cause of death in the world, if you’re NOT taking care of your heart, you really need to start thinking about it.
What’s the best way to start?
Well, diet and exercise are important for ALL aspects of health. On top of that, did you know that LiveGood has some of the BEST cardiovascular supporting nutritional supplements in the WORLD…AND for the lowest prices!
LiveGood Organic Super Reds – This is probably the BEST Cardiovascular support product EVER created. Packed with the world’s most powerful fruit and vegetable extracts known to help improve blood flow by increasing our body’s production of Nitric Oxide, boost blood circulation, support brain and cognitive function, sexual health, immune function, helping to maximize the health of your HEART and your entire body.
LiveGood Factor 4 – Heart disease, like almost ALL disease stems from inflammation. Proudly formulated by one of the world’s top immunologists, Dr. Heather Volpp, LiveGood’s Factor 4 is the first and only Inflammation Management supplement formulated with 4 of the world’s most powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients; Fish Oil, Turmeric, Coenzyme Q10, and Garlic, to help you CONTROL and even REVERSE inflammation! Another MUST USE product for a healthy heart!
LiveGood Ultra Magnesium Complex – Did you know that Magnesium is given to pregnant women to help lower their blood pressure? Not only is Magnesium involved in over 300 chemical reactions in your body, Magnesium helps heart muscles relax so that your heart can properly beat. AND helps transport potassium and sodium across cell membranes, which promotes healthy heart rhythms, and plays a big role in supporting a healthy heart.
As a Member of LiveGood, you can get ALL 3 LIFE-CHANGING products for under $50 and take the FIRST STEP toward a Healthy Heart!
I take all three of these products EVERY SINGLE DAY and I absolutely love them. I know you will too. Login to your LiveGood back office, click on SHOP and get yourself the best Valentine’s Day gift you could ever give yourself – a healthy heart!
To your health, Ryan Goodkin, Pharm.D.
Director of Product Development…”

LiveGood: “…Congratulations Boris

As more and more people continue to recognize LiveGood as the most exciting opportunity in the industry, Diana Nazario, who was placed below you in your Powerline, has just placed their product order.

That means you have until THURSDAY night to lock in your position by becoming a member of LiveGood and you will be placed in the matrix before Diana and before everyone else who joins after you.

In fact, with our fast-filling 2×15 forced matrix, you have the ability to earn up to $2,047.50 per month without ever having to enroll a single person, should you get enough people placed under you in the matrix.

With a track record of providing only the HIGHEST QUALITY nutritional supplements on the planet, along with the most powerful Powerline driven system in the industry, it’s no wonder LiveGood has become one of the FASTEST GROWING companies in the world.

BUT, none of this means anything if you don’t lock in your position.

Remember: We process all sign-ups at Midnight every Thursday. You must lock in your position before then or you will lose out on Diana Nazario and any other person who has placed their order since our last cutoff date.

That means, if you decide to join later, you will actually be placed in the matrix AFTER Diana, instead of before them. That could mean the difference in hundreds, possibly even thousands of dollars in income.

So be sure to lock in your position TODAY and we’ll see you at the TOP.

To view all of the Pre-Enrollees and Members in your Powerline:

Visit:, put in your email address and click on My Powerline.

To Your Success,

-YOUR LiveGood Support Team…”

LiveGood: “…Updates and Announcements
Hello! Congratulations again on becoming a preenrollee with LiveGood. With the absolute highest quality products in the home-based industry at prices that everyone can afford, the most powerful powerline driven marketing system on the planet, a very lucrative compensation plan, high-converting websites and videos to help you build, and an absolutely amazing team of people who continue to achieve, inspire, and change lives, it’s no surprise that LiveGood is quickly becoming the FASTEST GROWING COMPANY in the industry.
And this is just the beginning. TODAY IS THE CUTOFF. On top of the state of the art website, incredible products, and killer compensation plan, the true POWER of our system comes from the importance and VALUE of our Cutoff Days.
Each and every Thursday night our system moves all the people who joined as a member throughout the week to the top of the powerline in the order that they pre-enrolled.
That means it is VERY IMPORTANT to upgrade BEFORE midnight tonight so they don’t lose out on their positioning in the powerline and their placement in the matrix…”

LiveGood: “…Congratulations on making the decision to share the exciting LiveGood products and opportunity as an Affiliate.

Through our Earn by Sharing compensation program, you now have the ability to earn income each time you share the LiveGood products and membership with others.

All you have to do is give your friends and contacts your personalized LiveGood referral link and you’ll get credit for everyone who makes a purchase on your page.

You can track all of your levels of referrals by logging into your Affiliate Back Office and clicking on the My Referrals link.
If you ever have any questions about how our Earn by Sharing compensation program works, or about any of our products or membership, don’t hesitate to email us anytime.
And be sure to follow our Facebook page for updates, announcements, health tips, and to see how other members of the LiveGood community are using our products to maximize their health.
Congratulations again on becoming a LiveGood Affiliate.
Welcome Aboard, -The LiveGood Support Team…”

LiveGood: “…Hello Partner,
Thank you for your order from LiveGood. And congratulations again on being a LiveGood Member.
We’re excited for you to receive your order and use your products. We know that you will absolutely love them.
As you know, our commitment is to always provide you the highest quality products to keep yourself and your family healthy and happy…and to make them available at the lowest possible prices anywhere.
If you ever have any questions about any of our life-changing products or want to give us feedback or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to email us anytime.
And if you’re not already, be sure to follow our Facebook page for updates, announcements, health tips, and to see how the LiveGood community uses our products to maximize their health.
Thank you again for your order. Your LiveGood product is on the way.
To your health…”

LiveGood: “…Hi Partner,
I just wanted to reach out and introduce myself. My name is Lisa Goodkin, and I’m the Director of Product Education at LiveGood.
First off, CONGRATULATIONS on becoming a member of LiveGood. With all the excitement around our amazing products, and our brand new powerline system, you really could not have picked a better time to join LiveGood than right NOW.
Helping people maximize their health and wellness is my passion. And I’m very excited to help you get the most out of our highest quality products that truly could make a HUGE impact in your health and your LIFE.
So, if you haven’t had a chance to do so yet, let me first recommend going through the Product page in your back office, and clicking on the Learn More links under each one of our incredible products. This will give you a great idea of how each product can help you, and how you can get maximum benefit out of each of them. And remember, since you are now a member, you get super low member prices on ALL of our highest quality products.
I use our LiveGood products every day and I absolutely LOVE them. I know you will too!
If you ever have any questions about any of our products, which ones you should start with, or have a question about ANY supplement, food, ingredient, fitness routine, or anything wellness related, even if has nothing to do with LiveGood, please don’t hesitate to reach out anytime. Email is always the best way to reach me. Again, helping people is my passion. And if I can help you get even a little bit healthier, it’s a WIN for both of us.
Congratulations again on joining LiveGood. Let’s get you some products ordered in and get you on your way to a healthier new YOU.
To your health, Lisa Goodkin, M.S., CPT, Director of Product Education…”

LiveGood: “…Hey there!
I hope you are having a great day.
Today LiveGood had their Rank Recognition call, and it was amazing to hear that over 900 members hit Bronze this week, 100 hit Silver, 15 hit Gold, and a hand few hit Platinum and Diamond!
One thing that they said on the call was… “Don’t be a spillover waiter, be a spillover CREATOR!”
I Love That!
So many people underestimate how easy it is to refer others to this company.
Start with your WARM MARKET… these are people who know love and trust you.
Everyone has people who no one else can recruit!
If you have adult children? CALL THEM!
Have a spouse? SIGN THEM UP!
Have a friendly neighbor? SHOW THEM!
You have to know at least 10 people who you can tell about LiveGood, no excuses.
If you want to see immediate results and get a paycheck NOW, you have to SHARE.
Yes, spillover is possible. But those who are getting paychecks right now are sharing.
Log into your account, grab your Powerline Landing page and share with at least 10 people a day.
Just 2 signups and you will have earned your investment back.
Here is a TIP: Let people know that you have TOP SPOT OPEN if they join with you.
I want to hear more of my teams names on these calls and the only way to do that is if you start sharing!!
No one is going to do the work for you.
The goal is 2 new signups before the month of January is out.
I know you can do it… Lets Build!
To your success,Brittany…”

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