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Before you will read the next MoneyMaking information from Levelnaut website, we want to remind you what is all that about.

The matter is, we at LEENjoy have been constantly selecting and testing MoneyMaking website to Big Aff List and then sending to the following categories affiliate marketing tools, promo tools, traffic sources and others.

So, in the Moneymaking rubrics, you can read some hot newsletters, updates, reviews, offers, tips, guides and so on.

Today, we are sharing information from Fastnfurioustraffic

Fastnfurioustraffic : “…Hi my friends,
Just to let everyone know that FastnFurious will be joining Hot Rod Tuesday every week in a Cross Promo with Hot Rod Traffic & Surfing With The Oldies.
Please join in and support us.
Have a great week
Steve, Admin & Friend…”

Fastnfurioustraffic : “…Hi my friends,

Congratulations to this month’s qualified winners of Referrals from the TE Coop, thank you and keep up the great work.

Christa VK 11691 2 Referrals
Valentin Piponkov 10179 2 Referrals
Howard Courville 9433 2 Referrals
Mark Tudor 7664 2 Referrals
Anna Nikolaidou 6320 2 Referrals
Raj SG 6254 2 Referrals
Thea Penders 5853 2 Referrals
Toni Vargas 5717 2 Referrals
Alfred Haus 5257 2 Referrals
Gia Lu 4322 1 Referral
Sophie Papaconstantinou 4165 1 Referral
Todd Thomas 4061 1 Referral
Sami Suonsivu 3972 1 Referral
Marius Dan 3964 1 Referral
Mark Lewis 3951 1 Referral
James Peddie 2966 1 Referral
Vicky Nel 2761 1 Referral
Tarun Kn 2668 1 Referral
Gianluca Brozzi 2619 1 Referral
Relu Stanculescu 2365 1 Referral
Barry Davison 2311 1 Referral
Jordi Schweigert 2117 1 Referral
Have an awesome week and look out for my next email.
Take Care
Steve, Admin & Friend…”

Fastnfurioustraffic : “… Hi Partner,
l hope everyone has had a good week and looking froward to spend time with friends and family over the weekend.
lt has come to my attention that many free members have Piggybank Cash in there accounts, this can can be used for advertising or more importantly for Upgrades, so that free members have the opportunity to earn some real cash.
lt would be so said if you miss out on this great opportunity.
Have a lovely weekend
Admin & Friend…”

Fastnfurioustraffic : “…Hi my Friends,
Congratulations, to this weeks Random Prize Winners, well done everyone.
Douglas Roehrig 30 Day Semi Pro Upgrade
Linh Dang 30 Day Pro Upgrade
Andy Szebenyi $2.00 Piggybank Cash
Indi Hendriyanto $1.00 Piggybank Cash

Look out for next weeks email, as your name maybe on it.
Have a good week.
Steve, Admin & Friend…”

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