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Today, we are sharing information from Gainrock

Gainrock: “…Hi there,

Thanks for being a part of our Referral Program! We genuinely hope that you are drawing income by referring other people to GainRock.

We are eager to know how things are going with your Referring? Please be reminded that if you need immediate help, just hit reply to this letter and GainRock team will be on a rush to assist you.

To facilitate your smooth Referral Program, we’ve prepared the 10-steps guide which leads you through the whole referral process and covers all the channels for distributing your referral link.

Find out which are the most visible advertisements online, learn to be able to reach out to the huge audience of 2.07 billion people, unveil the referring power of emails sending and many more.

GainRock provides you with a unique opportunity to get additional revenue by referring people. Take a glance at the benefits of our Referral Program:

Mutual benefit. Both you and your referral get money providing that the latter one spends money.
Fair and square earning scheme. Refer as many people as you wish, and get fairly paid for that.
Ready-to-use creatives. Just copy and paste the ready messages that are tailored for every possible distribution channel.
Rich analytics. Monitor your earnings and the number of referrals.

Take the first steps to earning up to $1000+/mo by referring people to GainRock today! Samantha from GainRock”

Gainrock: “…Hello there,

This letter is to remind you to snatch an opportunity from GainRock to earn up to $1000+/mo effortlessly.

3 Easy Steps to Get Steady Income. $1000+/mo in three easy steps.

All you have to do is:
Sign into your LinksManagement account, copy & share the referral link
Make your referrals GainRock customers
Start making extra money!

You can find more tips on how to enhance your referring activity in our 10-steps guide which sheds the light on the whole process of referring people to LinksManagement.

Still unsure whether to join the Referral Program? We bet additional $1200+ that our clients earn every month by sharing our creatives through multiple channels can change your mind.

Want to start earning extra income by referring people too? Don’t waste your time and join the Referral Program today!
Become the Referral Today
Take the first steps to earning up to $1000+/mo by referring people to GainRock today!

Any questions left? Feel free to contact us for assistance! Samantha from GainRock…”

Gainrock: “… Awesome! One of your referrals just registered with one of our partners through your GainRock affiliate program!

You’re now just one step away from making your affiliate campaign pay off. All you need to earn a passive income is to start converting your referrals to active customers. With every new active referral, you will receive a gradually increasing bonus and enjoy the full benefit of your affiliate marketing business.

Not sure how to persuade your referrals to become our partner’s full-fledged customers? No worries! We will provide you with all the help we can. Contact your manager to request a professionally written review article for your website and spread the word about the services that will amaze your referrals.

Still having questions? Just email us at to receive professional advice on converting your referrals into active customers. Your manager will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Boost your conversion rate today and increase your passive income possibilities with GainRock!
Start Referring People
We sincerely hope for long and fruitful cooperation with you!

Good luck converting!
If you have any additional questions or need any help setting up your new affiliate campaign, please feel free to contact your manager at

Happy referring! Samantha from GainRock…”

Gainrock: “… Hi,

There is no time to wait! You’ve got the first leads, and Gainrock is going to help you to get the first conversion result almost in seconds.

Sometimes, a small tweak can lead to an enormous improvement. Here are 4 fast & reliable ways to turn leads into clients!

Pop-ups Really Work
If you think pop-up is an outdated trick, you’ve never been so wrong before. The average conversion rate for all pop-ups is about 4%. To achieve even more, make sure to set a 30-second delay timer on the pop-up and a cookie so that it appears only once per user.

Add & Strengthen Your CTA
Such Call-to-actions as “Sign up” and “Try now” won’t make you a fortune. They are as old as Google Penguin Update. Start your CTA with words that paint your offer in a positive light. For example, “Yes, I want that link!”.

Create Compelling Value Propositions
Leads should clearly know why they must do business with you and not any other person. Make it obvious why your offer is the most suitable one. No time for wordy sentences! Explain to them real value. It ought to be clearly differentiated from that by your competitors.

Give Some Proof to Your Leads
It is one of the most efficient ways to boost conversion rates. Make use of case studies or personal experience to show how you have gone so far. Add some screenshots or images that illustrate and make your results visible.
Now, what is keeping you away from converting leads into paying customers? Right, nothing!

Convert Leads Into Sales
Have any questions? Contact your personal manager via email ( or skype.

Your Gainrock Team…”

Visit Gainrock now.

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