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Today, we are sharing information from Mynexusrewards


As you may already know Nexus has a great relationship with a Wellness company called PyurLife. They are the first company to be listed in our Deals and Discounts Tab in your members area.

Dr. Howard Fisher is a Doctor of Integrative Medicine using natural techniques to specialize in Anti-Aging medicine and to combat immune system diseases. His Moringa Oleifera based PyurLife formulations are having a huge impact and the amount of returning customers is the highest we’ve ever seen. (That means more Residual Income for You!)

Nexus Members are able to get their amazing products at up to 50% Off what PuyrLife Affiliates pay them for.

Also Nexus Members earn commissions on Pyurlife Products purchased by others in your Nexus organization.

We’ve created a new tool to Share PyurLife with others if you like.

It’s a Video webpage that has video interviews with Dr. Fisher and a link for others to purchase the PyurLife Products and YOU can earn the generous 70% referral commissions.

Here’s an example link to YOUR Dr. Fisher Interview and Marketing Page: YOUR USERNAME

We suggest that you:

Take a couple of minutes and watch the video interviews,
Try the PyurLife products for yourself, (they ALL come with a 30day 100% guarantee).
Share Your New Dr. Fisher with anyone, and everyone that you care about.
Attend the Saturday 10:00 AM EST Zoom to learn more.

Wishing you all the success you deserve!

Art and Rob Phelps
Co-Owners Nexus Rewards…”

Mynexusrewards: “…Hey Partner,

Lindsay Sewell is a business and marketing strategist and content creator who helps ambitious entrepreneurs to create a stand out personal brand online, build an profitable email list and turn a business idea or side gig into income faster.

Don’t Miss The Boat!
Attend tonight’s Zoom to see why Lindsay teamed up with Nexus Rewards.

Tonight, Tuesday Feb. 7th 8:00 PM EST – Eastern Standard Time

Here’s the Zoom Link:
Meeting ID# 779.652.6043
Or call in for listen only: 1.346.248.7799

See you on Zoom!
Art and Rob Phelps
Co-founders Nexus Rewards…”

Mynexusrewards: “…Hey!
Check Out the Nexus Rewards News and Updates
Next week’s Nexus Rewards Zoom Presentation for Guests, will be on Monday Night, instead of Tuesday Night, which is Valentines Day. (link to Zoom Meeting in Your Tools Tab of members area).

Star Director, Lindsay Sewell, did a really wonderful Overview of Nexus Rewards on last Tuesday’s Zoom. Here is the link you can share with your Team AND with your Best and Brightest Prospects. Lindsay Sewell – Why Nexus Rewards? – YouTube
We are seeing very impressive results with people sharing the New Dr. Fisher Video Page. People are ordering the wildly discounted and super effective Pyurlife Wellness Products. That means additional Residual Commissions for us. Click the Deal And Discount Tab in your members area to get your Dr. Fisher Video Page to share with others, (and collect 70% commissions).
Are you Pro 25 or higher? Over the next day or so, look for a personal email from Art and Rob Phelps, inviting you to a Private Leadership Call, to update you to some of the New Resources that you will have available with Nexus Rewards.
We are so grateful and happy that you are a part of Nexus Rewards. We believe Nexus will help millions of people Get More,.. more Discounts, more Savings, more Cashback, more Residuals, more Success and more Fun.
Again we are glad you are a part of this amazing community!
Hope to see you on Monday Night’s Zoom
Art and Rob Phelps
Co-founders Nexus Rewards…”

Mynexusrewards: “… Hey!
Hoping you can enjoy some quality time with you sweetheart tomorrow night. With that in mind we have rescheduled the Tuesday Night Nexus Zoom for TONIGHT.
Come see how you can launch a business for under .74 cents a day and earn $100’s, even $1000’s of dollars and more in RESIDUAL Income.
Attend the Nexus Rewards Overview Tonight
Monday Feb 13th 8:00 PM EST – Eastern Standard Time
Here’s the Zoom Link:
Meeting ID# 779.652.6043
Or call in for listen only: 1.346.248.7799
Hope to SEE You on Zoom!
Art and Rob Phelps
Co-founders Nexus Rewards …”
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Visit Mynexusrewards now.

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