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Today, we are sharing information from Buymeacoffee


“… Welcome to Buy Me a Coffee’s monthly newsletter for our creators.
January recorded the most money ever made by creators on Buy Me a Coffee.
We also shipped👇
Pick your Brand Color
Choose your Theme color
You can now make your BMC page truly your own. Go ahead, choose the perfect hue to represent yourself, show it off. 🎨 Whether you want to match your logo or simply choose a color that reflects your personality, the Color Picker gives you the freedom to express yourself and stand out.

Feature your Wishlist on your home page

Introducing Wishlist

Starting today, you can showcase your favorite Wishlist item on your BMC Page, making it convenient for your supporters to discover and fund your favorite wishes.

Offer multiple Discord roles for your members
Multiple Discord roles
Good news for creators on Discord. You can now assign multiple Discord roles to your members based on their membership level.
This also allows you to provide various perks or recognition to members who support your work 💛


We just shipped Create Button which allows you to post everything from a blog post to a podcast using just 1 click.
Go to your page and select the “Create” option from the top navigation bar to start CREATING.
More from our changelog…
Upgraded Album Preview – Your album posts can now preview up to 6 images. 😍
More Sharing Options – You can now share your page via email and also a pretty cool QR Code 🗣️
Go to Buy Me a Coffee

We shipped all this and much more. You can check out the full list of new features here.
That’s it for January. Next Up: Extras 2.0 (Shop) and Commissions 👀
See you in February 💛 ☕ …”

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